Meet The Characters

Meet The Death Dwellers MC

 Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell

(Misled, Misappropriate and Misjudged)

President of the Death Dwellers MC. A few months shy of his 33rd birthday when the book begins, he knows no other life outside of the club. He has five sisters and is the grandson of one of the founders.

John “John Boy” Donovan

(misunderstood and misdeeds)

Six months younger than Christopher, John Boy was their grandfather’s golden boy. Johnnie, as he is also known, is college-educated and clean-cut. He went nomad when Big Joe began his descent into drugs, returning to the MC months later to be at Outlaw’s side and eventually becoming the VP.

Matthew “Val” Taylor

Orphaned at 15 and selling himself for sex to survive, Val is now the club’s Road Captain. He has wrestled with addiction but his allegiance to Outlaw runs deep since it was Outlaw who took him in to the club and off the streets.

Lucas “Mortician” Banks

Brought to the club a few months shy of his 18th birthday to deal with his feelings for a girl who was no good for him, Mortician is now Club Enforcer. He grew up in wealth, has a very contentious relationship with his father, and is known for his laid back attitude.

Marcus “Digger” Banks

As Mortician’s younger brother, Digger followed Mort and became a club member. Now Sergeant-at-Arms, Digger is close to Mortician and enjoys the club life.

Louis “Stretch” King

Stretch is the newest officer and one of the most recent members of the club. He was elected Treasurer after the death of lifer, Kaleb Paul Andrews. Stretch wrestles with sexuality and is worried about the general membership finding out that he is bi-sexual. He’s quiet and unassuming and loyal to the club.

Cash “Ghost” McCall

Ghost is a Nomad and former military. He’s the club’s “Ghost”, emerging to take care of business and then disappearing just as fast.

Megan Foy Caldwell
(Misled, Misappropriate, and Misjudged)

18 years old at the start of the series, she’s the daughter of Big Joe “Boss” Foy, the former president of the Death Dwellers MC, who was also Outlaw’s mentor. When she comes searching for her father, she finds Outlaw instead and her life is forever changed.

Kendall Miller
(misunderstood and misdeeds)

30 years old and an attorney, she’s sent to the club for nefarious reasons, where she meets Johnnie. She suffers monumental traumas and has been reeling ever since, searching for happiness and her place in life.

Zoann Donovan

Outlaw’s younger sister, she’s 26 at the beginning of the series. She is an RN by profession and gives birth to Val’s son. She has suffered her own traumas and believes her brother deserted her.

Bailey Andrews

K-P Andrews’ daughter, she is warned away from Mortician, but, the moment she meets him, she is fascinated. At almost 21, she’s in school with the goal of becoming a psychiatrist.

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