Saturday, August 23, 2014

To Dominate or to not? I always did love Misbehaving

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Testing one...two...Oh God what's after two?

Allow me to introduce myself,   I am Jordan Marie.. on some days--other days? Not so much!   I am so in love with author Kathryn Kelly that if I dug chicks I would totally be stalking her and living in my car outside her house.   Since I don't she's safe.  I read Misled and like every other red-blooded female and quite a few males I would imagine fell freaking in love with Christopher Outlaw Caldwell.  I'm so obsessed with him I'm pretty sure I could totally chuck my nine to five ordinary life and become a biker babe outlaw to the extreme. 

Our resident genius, Kathryn Kelly is busy gearing up for her new release Misbehavior and I've been added to update you as much as possible.   September 17, 2014.  Mark this date down.  Seriously did you do it?  I know people, if you didn't I will totally find out.  I'm scary that way.   

This is the date Matthew "Valentine" gets unleashed on the world.  I started out hating Val.  He grew on me like a mole that is pesky but it costs too much money to remove.  Then... I got his book.. and I've decided I love him.  He's a screwed up mess but I love him.   I hated Johnnie!  I seriously did!!!  I can't help it!  Val though?  I  love him.  He's no Outlaw, then again who the hell is? He's Val and what he is... well he'd make a nun cuss and drink and preacher lock up his daughter and panties to melt.    

So mark the date down!  Do it!  Do it Now!   Oh and sit back and await my next orders because I may or may not be a dominatrix in Blogger world.   Today it feels like I am.  Tomorrow try pulling my hair and we'll see if I'm different.   

Till Next time! 

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