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Get Your Heart Racing with Relentless!

Hey y'all, I've got some awesome news to share! Guess what?  " Relentless " is finally here! The third book in the series was released on Valentine's Day! If you've been following the previous novels, you're in for a treat because this one takes the captivating storyline to a whole new level. In " Relentless ," we see Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell going through some major changes. He's no longer only a feared and ruthless MC leader but also a devoted family man. Of course, things can never stay peaceful for long. Outlaw's youngest child faces some serious challenges that completely rock his world and push him further away from his notorious reputation. Meanwhile, Outlaw's wife, Megan, is dealing with her own struggles and standing up to a stubborn bully. And their son, CJ, is trying his best to hold everything together amidst all the chaos.  While Outlaw and his family navigate their personal challenges, they also have to de

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