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Howdy Beautiful People,

I haven't been around at all and I miss everyone. Thank you all so much for keeping in contact with me via Messenger and email. I know I don't respond as I should, but just know that I appreciate each and every one of you.

I elected to wait for Misconduct's release before I updated y'all. At the moment, I only have chemotherapy and side effects going on. I don't know the proper protocol in this situation. While I don't mind keeping everyone updated, I'm not sure if you'll get tired of my cancer talk. HOWEVER, with the release of another book, we're back on common ground.

Misconduct is Digger's book, but Outlaw's POV comprises roughly half the book. Why? Until Misconduct, we've seen the effect of Digger's betrayal from either Outlaw's or Mortician's POV. Now, as we finally get to hear Digger's side, the story felt incomplete without following how Outlaw deals with all the ramifications of Digger's actions.

Besides Misconduct, the only time I wasn't online for the release of a book was for Misled, my very first. I'd like to thank all the bloggers and readers who are posting and blitzing today and helping me to celebrate Misconduct's release.

As of now, there's one final book--a novella titled Misfit--left before the series concludes. I've gotten questions about books on future generations. My intentions were to retire the series at the close of Misfit. However, I never expected the character of CJ to take on such a presence (even at the tender age of two). At the moment, additional books are in the early planning stages with CJ and Harley as hero and heroine of one and Diesel and Rebel as hero and heroine of another. Can you just imagine the shit fit Outlaw will have when Rebel gets involved with Diesel, who is about 14 years older than she is? ;-) Before I get to those books, though, I intend to write Abby and Parnell's story from the Phoenix Rising Series. I'm not sure if I'll go farther than that with this series. I have other story ideas and some covers created by the brilliant Crystal Cuffley. I'm not putting any timetable on release dates, given the current situation.

And what exactly is the current situation?

I've gotten 7 of 16 chemotherapy treatments. My hair is gone and I noticed this morning my eyebrows seem to be thinning. Chemo continues to tear my stomach to pieces. I also have bruising, nosebleeds, blurry vision at times, and very little energy. Along with Herceptin, Paclitaxil, and Pertuzamab, I also receive Pepcid, Dexamethasone, and Benadryl as pre-meds. I've explained my nearly life-long battle with depression in previous Facebook discussions. The steroid has sent me spiraling into a deep depression, which has added to my sapped energy. Between the depression and the chemo, I barely want to move. I haven't given up, though, and I won't. It just makes the battle a little more challenging. The good news is my cancer IS responding to the chemotherapy, so I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. The journey is just peppered with patches of darkness, but that keeps life interesting, right? My gynecologist is now recommending the removal of my ovaries. Until now, we've taken a wait-and-see attitude with the cysts on my ovaries. This is the current plan of action: neoadjuvant chemotherapy --> mastectomy --> radiation --> breast reconstruction and removal of non-cancerous breast --> reconstruction of non-cancerous breast. If my ovaries are removed, that will happen during the mastectomy of the right bright. I have opted to have a double mastectomy. Why? 1.) I was burned by the misdiagnosis of the mass in the right breast and I currently have cysts "that need watching" in the left one. 2.)They've served me well, so they can have their rest. 3.)Breasts and ovaries have no bearing on my femininity. It's how I perceive myself. Besides, even if it meant I grew a penis a foot long and five inches wide (overdramatic, yes?) staying alive is more important than keeping breasts and ovaries.

I've always taken comfort in reading. At the moment, I'm too jittery to properly focus. That is another side effect of the steroid. My kindle is stuffed with books I'm dying to read (er, no pun intended)...I just can't focus enough to do so. As of this writing, I'm still blazing into Toledo, OH and partying like a rock star in October 2016. DeLonn Donovan and Travis Lee Ferguson are still slated to appear, too. IF any of that changes, you'll be the first to know.

I leave you with this advice. Whatever challenges you may face, you're strong enough to handle. Never forget that and never doubt yourself. And please, please don't put off annual check-ups.

With much love,


Release blitz - Misconduct

Release Blitz 

Title: Misconduct
Author: Kathryn Kelly
Release Date: October 21st, 2015


In the final full novel of the series tells the story of Digger Banks, traitor to the Death Dwellers MC. His brother and club enforcer, Mortician, is charged with the task of putting him to ground. Will both brothers survive and can the Death Dwellers withstand another betrayal and tragedy?

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Bunny drew in a deep breath, stubbornly holding her tears at bay as the car sped past emergency vehicles and motorcycles, all hurrying towards the club. At the intersection of the main street and the dead end that led to the MC, traffic was mounting.
Traffic. When this small town never had traffic. That was the magnitude of the morning’s calamitous events.
The chaotic confusion aided Digger’s escape. He swerved left. To frustrated drivers and rushing law enforcement, his maneuver would appear as a way to beat the ever-increasing vehicles. No one seemed to care that the car was the only one speeding away from the scene and not towards it.
Little Man tugged her hair. She’d had it in a careless knot at her nape, but she’d lost her pins somewhere along the way. “Bun-Bun, I want MegAnn.”
Bunny hugged him tightly, afraid if she spoke, emotion would overtake her voice and he’d pick up on her grief and fear when he was scared enough.
“MegAnn,” he repeated in a trembling tone.
“Shut him the fuck up, Bunny,” Digger yelled, his voice vibrating in the small confines of the car.

Veering off the road onto a private access road, he waved around the gun he held. In case he pulled the trigger, she wrapped her arms around Little Man’s head.

Other books in the series:
Misled#1 Release date: December 5, 2013 H/h: Christopher & Megan

Misappropriate#1.5 Release date: February 14, 2014 H/h: Christopher & Megan

Misunderstood #2 Release date: April 5, 2014 H/h: Johnnie & Kendall

Misdeeds #2.5 Release date: June 5, 2014 H/H: Johnnie & Kendall

Misbehavior#3 Release date: September 17, 2014 H/h: Val & Zoann

Misjudged#3.5 Release date: November 10, 2014 H/h: Christopher & Megan

Misguided#4  Release date: December 5, 2014  H/h: Mortician & Bailey


Kathryn Kelly is living her dream and writing books. She's always been an avid reader and still devours books in her spare time. She also enjoys football, socializing, music, eating, and jokes. In her head, she's the ultimate biker babe. In reality, she's an ordinary girl-next-door and a native New Orleanian.

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Misconduct Coming October 21st

The excerpt below is Chapter Six in its entirety, the point where Outlaw makes his first appearance in Misconduct. Excerpting chapters 1-5 would've given away some spoilers, which is the reason I chose Chapter 6.

 There are a few review copies still available at To claim yours, follow this link:

Chapter 6

Cunts were the most beautiful creation known to humankind. Color, size or appearance didn’t matter. Only, the fucking perfect feeling they brought about. That fucking exquisiteness when cum blasted the fuck from Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell’s cock and into pussy. Like now.
After catching his breath, he nosed Megan’s hair, still connected to her in the most basic way. She kissed his sweaty chest, her fingers skimming the bridge of his spine. Resting his weight on one elbow and threading his fingers through her damp hair, he smiled at her.
Right after he’d filled her pretty cunt with his cum was the best time to share his cuntal views. When she laughed, he joined her, mock-wincing at her shoulder thump. She thought him the funniest motherfucker alive. On the other hand, he was being a romantic motherfucker on their second “second” wedding anniversary. The first “second” came four months ago and celebrated their civil ceremony. He knew Megan secretly preferred this one because it celebrated their big ass church wedding. And this was the one day of the year Christopher always promised his girl he’d be a mushy motherfucker just for her.
He preferred their original anniversary, which would come in several months and celebrate their third year of marriage. These different fucking dates could confuse the fuck out of a motherfucker. It all resulted in the same fucking thing. Megan and her beautiful pussy legally belonged to him.
“All my ass fuckin’ sayin’, baby, is as beautiful as a woman cunt be, yours at the fuckin’ top. The way you fuckin’ keep all your golden pussy hairs so fuckin’ neat and trim. Your cunt just perfection and I’m the luckiest motherfucker alive to call it mine.”
Megan snuggled against him, her blue eyes so filled with adoration his chest hurt. “Thank you,” she said hoarsely. He’d fucked her so hard she’d been fucking breathless one minute and screaming his name the next. “I think.”
“What the fuck you mean? You think? I fuckin’ promised you once a fuckin’ year, I’d be fuckin’ romantic.”
“You are romantic, Christopher,” she swore. Lifting herself from the crook of his arm, she kissed him, binding her words as the gospel truth. Her pussy cream and his dick juice flavored their lips. He grunted at her taste, his cock jumping. The motherfucker never tired of getting into Megan. She spoiled him by giving him pussy almost anytime he wanted. He was a lucky motherfucker that she liked fucking so much.
Seeing his rising cock, she wrapped her little fingers around his base and he flexed his hips, surging into her pumps.
“Your hand feeling fuckin’ good, but your fuckin’ mouth would be better, dontcha think, baby?”
“Yes,” she breathed, sliding down his body, slanting light kisses along the way, branding his skin as only she could. His nerve endings prickled with the anticipation of her mouth on him. The silken fall of her hair and the softness of her small body tormented him, combining to make him one happy motherfucker.
His hips jerked when her breath finally fanned his cockhead a moment before she sucked him into her mouth. Closing his eyes, he groaned, fisting her hair and pumping into the up and down motion of her head.
“You suck my cock so fuckin’ good, baby.”
He wanted to watch as she used his cock for her personal fucking lollipop, but seeing her sucking him off undid him every-fucking-time, especially when it happened after he’d fucked her. That meant she was licking her own pussy juice.
She swirled her tongue around his sensitive cock crown. His breath sawing in and out of him, he trembled. To stop her and take control, he held her head in place, propelling his cock along her tongue in fast motions, while she fondled his balls.
“Oo—oo—oo fuck, Megan.” Cum roared up his dick and Christopher lifted halfway. When she raised her sweet gaze to his, he tightened his hold on her, shuddering as his jizz fountained into her mouth. She sucked him one last time to make sure she swallowed every drop. “Fuck, baby. Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he snarled through gritted teeth.
Releasing her, he relaxed his body, his heart about to fucking pound out of his chest. Fuck, yeah, because of the exertions but mainly because of Megan. She put her body and soul into fucking him—fuck, romantic motherfucker day—he backtracked. She put her body and soul into making love to him.
She nuzzled against him and he took her into his arms, kissing the top of her head. Rising up on his elbow, he smiled down at her, enjoying the sight of her red face and swollen mouth. As he began to run his hand over her hair, she returned his smile with one of her own. For a moment, they needed nothing more. Their silent communication spoke more than words ever could. Friends. Lovers. Parents. Spouses. Soulmates.
One motherfucking look said it fucking all.
Kissing her again, he slid his tongue into the warmth of her mouth and leaned into her fingers, caressing the hair at his nape.
Slowly, he moved down, sucking the tender skin at her neck, and farther, swirling his tongue around her pebble-hard nipple, licking his way down to her cunt. He tongued her slit, using his shoulders to widen her thighs.
Nosing her, he inhaled. Her pussy smelled divine, musky and fucked.
As he moved up again, he put his tongue into action and tasted her. Her thighs trembled against him. Pausing, he kissed each thigh, brushing his lips over the long-healed cuts she’d once inflicted upon herself.
He hated the thought of her in pain, but she’d had her fair share of heartbreak in her twenty-one years, some of it due to her association with him and his to the club. As long as Sharper roamed free, selling girls and planning the club’s downfall, Megan was in danger.
Brooding now, he rested his cheek on her mound.
“Christopher?” she whispered, sensing his change, her voice bringing him back.
Megan’s voice could bring him from the depths of hell. He’d die for her. He’d kill for her.
He lived for her.
Shoving away the fucking gloom and doom that had no place in a romantic motherfucker’s life, he licked her again, sniffing her as if her scent provided his oxygen.
Gentle tugs on his hair halted his tongue and he lifted his gaze.
“Yeah, baby?”
“I don’t want you to do that to me right now. I want you inside of me.”
He smirked at her. “That huh, baby?” he asked, snickering. If she withheld her pussy the way she fucking resisted using filthy language, he’d be one cunt-deprived assfuck.
Rising above her, he sank into her and stilled, resting his forehead on hers.
She thumbed his lips. “It’s okay, Christopher,” she said softly, knowing him so well. “Sharper will never get to me, our children, or you. He’ll get to no one in the club. We’re safe because you make us safe.”
“You fuckin’ know how to humble a motherfucker,” he said gruffly. She had an unshakable faith in him.
Instead of responding, she lifted her hips, twisting her pussy against his cock.
“Wicked little bitch.”
Just as they fell into rhythm, his phone rang, stilling Christopher’s dick stabs.
Based on the ringtone blasting, John Boy called him. Motherfucker knew this was Christopher and Megan’s anniversary. If not for that cunt he was married to, Christopher would think assfuck was inter-fucking-rupting on purpose.
Megan knew the call was important, too, because she halted her hooker moves and nodded, without him even telling her to stop her cock grinding.
With a growl, he leaned over and snatched his phone from the nightstand, his dick still buried in Megan. “What the fuck you want, motherfucker? Cuz, lemme tell you, John Boy, if this shit ain’t fuckin’ dire, I’m fuckin’ breakin’ your fuckin’ hands. Interruptin’ me and my girl—”
“Fuck, Christopher, would you just shut the fuck up?” Johnnie snapped. “We’re having issues.”
Fuck. “What kinda issues?” he asked slowly. It could be anything.
Their hydro-grow operation had expanded. With the legalization of recreational marijuana use in the state, demand had increased, although they’d still get thrown the fuck in jail with the volume they were doing. They supplied far and wide, however, with their support clubs doing most of the distribution.
Street value alone was way up in the tens of millions. In the event of his death, Megan and their children and their children’s children would be set the fuck up for fucking life.
“What fuckin’ issues?” he repeated, growling again because he had to pull out of Megan. He got to his feet, his swollen cock looking as angry as Christopher felt at the interruption.
Johnnie sighed.
Christopher tensed, not liking that fucking sigh. It meant some fucked-up shit he would fucking hate. “Fucking spill, John Boy.”
“Digger is no longer abroad. Riley believes he’s joined up with Sharper.”
“Find the fuck out where,” he barked. “Cuz if that motherfucker know that then he should fuckin’ know where the fuck them motherfuckers at. I ain’t fuckin’ payin’ Riley to only know half the fuckin’ shit. Tell him…no, you ain’t gotta tell him a fuckin’ thing. My ass comin’ and gettin’ that motherfucker straight. Round the brothers the fuck up. Church goin’ on in sixty.”
“Minutes, right?”
“No, fuckhead. Hours. What the fuck you think? Yeah, minutes, motherfucker. One hour. That fuckin’ clearer to your ass?”
“Lemme talk to Megan,” he said and then hung up. Before he faced her again, he pulled on his jeans and carefully tucked away his disappointed cock, still with a raging hard-on. Motherfucker couldn’t be more disappointed than Christopher.
When he turned, he found her sitting up with her knees drawn against her and the covers hiding her pretty tits from his eyes, her golden hair tangled about her head.
“I heard, Christopher,” she said gently. “Go. I’ll be here. The kids are with Roxy and Bunny at Trader’s place, and will be until tomorrow, so we have time to finish without interruption.”
If she was disappointed, she hid it well, which made him feel fucking lower. This fucking day was so fucking important to her. This was the day they’d had their marriage blessed. If he thought about it, that made it more special to him too. She’d thought him worthy to stand before God and pledge herself to him.
“Maybe, I’ll call Zoann and tell her I’m on the clock today,” she continued. “I’ll have something to do. Don’t worry that I’ll be bored or alone.”
Although Megan and Zoann both owned the home-healthcare business, they were fucking respectful of each other’s opinions and times, and they each had admirable work ethics. Johnnie’s cunt, Kendall, was a very small partner, too, on the insistence of both Megan and Zoann. Kendall was also the company’s attorney.
What-the-fuck ever. As long as Kendall acted like she was John Boy wife and Megan’s friend—though Christopher would never fucking believe that shit—whatever the girls did was bitch shit. As long as Megan wasn’t fucked with, he was the fuck out of it.
“Wait here. I ain’t gonna be long. Go wash my cum outta you so it can be nice and fuckin’ fresh when I put some fuckin’ more in you.”
She frowned and he winked at her, enjoying the fuck out of her blush.
Just to fuck with her a little more, he added, “The condition of your cunt don’t fuckin’ matter to me. I’ll lick it and fuck it any shape it in.”
Wrinkling her nose deepened her frown. “You’re soooo bad, Christopher.”
“Yeah, baby, I am,” he agreed with pride, crossing their bedroom to one of the chairs where his shirt and cut lay.
The house was big, with more space than they’d ever need. Their bedroom and separate sitting room alone was huge, with walk-in closets and a huge ass bathroom. Megan hadn’t even wanted this giant motherfucker. But this place was fit for a fucking queen. Fit for his girl. Because she was his queen.
He stopped fucking short at that thought. “Megan, baby,” he started, straightening his clothes and shoving his nine in his waistband, hidden by his cut. Before he headed to the club, he’d stop in his man cave that Megan designed for him and grab his hollows. He needed bullets to wreck motherfuckers on the simple principle of interrupting his day with his wife. “You the best fuckin’ thing that ever happened to me. You my every-fuckin-thing,” he told her. This mushy romance was what the fuck she preferred. If he had to leave her for a little while, the least he could fucking do was o-fucking-blige her. “I love the fuck outta you. Ain’t nothin’ more important than you, baby.”
That’s why he hadn’t gone after Digger as hard as he should have. Well, because of her and Mortician, but it was mainly due to Megan. Without her, he never would’ve fucking considered how Mort fucking felt about having to fuck up his kid brother. Even though the motherfucker had left his girl to die at the hands of his father’s fuckheads, Christopher had backed off an active search because of Megan. That wasn’t to fucking say if the motherfucker happened to run across Christopher, he wouldn’t make him suffer a slow and fucking gruesome death. It just meant, finding him wasn’t a fucking priority. At the time, it helped that he’d also parted ways with Sharper.
Then, too, Digger had fucking saved Bailey’s life. He’d never fucking know what the fuck led to his former SAA’s desertion. But Christopher believed part of the fucking reason was because Digger was just a stupid motherfucker and had gotten mixed up in Sharper’s fucking games. Maybe, the motherfucker had felt left the fuck out with all of them falling in fucking love, especially Mort, who Digger fucking idolized.
“I love you, too, Christopher.” Megan’s sweet voice interrupted his thoughts. Her eyes twinkled and she smirked. “Outlaw.
He hated when she called him Outlaw. Although that side of him was a big part of who he was, he never fucking wanted her to see him like that. For her, he was Christopher, her husband, and the father of her children.
“Yeah, baby, that’s me. Rude and crude.”
“And brilliant,” she added.
Megan always saw the best in him.
He shrugged. What the fuck ever he was, was…“Ain’t nothin’ but a thing.”
Right before he departed to make the walk through the woods to the club, he kissed her again. He wouldn’t ruin their day any further by telling her Outlaw’s intentions.
If Digger was back with his old man, then Outlaw intended to not only kill Sharper but Digger too.
And, this time, nothing she’d fucking say would stop him.

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