Thursday, February 8, 2018

My First Book of 2018 Comes with Hope

Dear Beautiful People,

Last year was such a struggle for me to get words onto paper. If I managed a page in a day, I was ecstatic. The plot was there. The characters were telling me, HELLO. Other ideas teamed in my head, but the actual storytelling failed me. I ended up releasing just a couple of novels. I was disappointed and frustrated. Adding to my frustration was the fact that Amazon hid me. There's another Kathryn Kelly who is a romance author. Whenever I clicked the name "Kathryn Kelly", I was taken directly to her page, essentially losing me in the shuffle. Amazon also took away some of my reviews from my previously published work. I'd gotten messages from readers who told me they tried to post reviews for my books but Amazon denied them. Without at least 50 reviews in the first week or two after a release, Amazon loses you in its algorithms, so it really didn't help that I wasn't able to get new reviews for older work and I didn't have a new book to push.

At one point, I thought about throwing in the towel and giving up writing. I never could. I'd stop for a week or two and swear I'd never tell another story, then something would pop into my head and I'd have to get to the computer. I stopped telling myself the lie that I could give up writing. It just wasn't possible. Writing is in my blood. Even if I stopped offering my work publicly, I'd still have to write.

Somewhere along the way, Christopher and company stepped back onto the stage, and demanded another story, and An Outlaw Valentine was born. Once again, I'm filled with ideas for stories. I have a schedule, in my head, that I'd like to stick to in 2018. I have hope that chemotherapy didn't kill my ability to tell stories.

I want to shout and jump and dance that I have another book out. All writers want the world to know about their books. We want our stories to be well-received and popular. Prior to August 5, 2015, my dream was to be on the New York Times bestseller's list. Last year, my dream was just to write. The release of An Outlaw Valentine is a pivotal moment for me. Words cannot express how happy and relieved I am.

I'd like to thank everyone who support and encourage me. You check in with me to make sure I'm okay. You send me funny jokes. You inspire me. Thank you for being so awesome. I have plans to release at least four books in 2018. Amazon might hide me again. (When I wrote to them to ask how could we be distinguished from each other, I never received an answer. Instead, I was told the other Kathryn Kelly sold more books than I did and had more reviews, so she would automatically be more visible.) I will post news of upcoming releases on my page and keep my fingers crossed that my books will be found.

In closing, I'd like to say never give in and never give up. Keep rolling on.

Love, Kat

An Outlaw Valentine

Christopher & Megan - Outlaw and Meggie’s fifth wedding anniversary for their church ceremony is approaching and they are thinking of ways to celebrate. With it being so close to Valentine’s Day, Meggie decides to throw a Valentine’s Day Celebration. All seems well, until a rival club with an agenda, gets on Outlaw’s bad side. When they use Meggie as a pawn, Outlaw races against a ticking clock to find the woman he loves more than life itself.

Johnnie & Kendall – Johnnie is searching for a way to bring Christopher and Megan closer to him and Kendall. During one of their outings, Kendall is offered a legal case that she badly wants to take. When she comes up with the perfect solution to secure Johnnie’s agreement, it leads to unforeseen complications that threatens her and Johnnie’s lives, as well as their marriage, that might finally spell the end for them. 

An Outlaw Valentine Trailer

Chapter One


Slipping just inside his home gym, Christopher Caldwell focused on his wife’s movements as she completed her set of lunges, holding five-pound weights in each hand. He’d join her in a moment. Right now, he was just content to watch her go through her routine.
As always, he thanked whatever fluke of fate sent her to him as an eighteen-year-old na├»ve girl who had blossomed into a sexy woman. His woman. 
She wasn’t very tall, but what she lacked in height, her kindness more than made up for it.
She glanced in his direction and started. Removing her earbuds and setting them on the floor, next to her phone, she smiled at him. “Hey, you.”
“Hey, baby,” he responded, finally closing the door and walking fully into the room. He glanced back at the door. Although their oldest son hadn’t gotten home from school yet and the rest of their children were somewhere in the house with Megan’s assistant, he really needed to get a lock for the gym. Every chance he got, he fucked Megan in here.
Grinning at the thought of getting into her pussy, he went to his power tower, grabbed the upper bars and lifted himself, counting off in his head.
Long ago, he’d learned the importance of staying fit. A motherfucker never knew when he needed to get the fuck away or chase after other motherfuckers to fuck them up.
When he reached fifty, he allowed his feet to touch the ground. It didn’t surprise him to find his wife next to him. Desire darkened her blue eyes. He smirked at her, stepping aside so she could have a turn on the equipment. Grabbing her waist, he lifted her up, allowing her to reach the handles, then grunted as she used her upper arm strength to pull herself above the bar.
He loved working out with her. However, he didn’t want her with muscles. She knew his feelings and had agreed to his wishes. That was the beauty of them. They took each other’s wants and needs into account. What she wanted, she got. In turn, she laid the world at his feet.
As she lifted herself again, he stepped closer, allowing not even an inch to separate their bodies. With each movement she made, her back and ass brushed against his chest and cock.
Thrusting against her, he groaned, regretting the leggings she wore. He wanted to see her in tiny skirts when they exercised together and made a mental note to mention that to her. At the moment, what she wore didn’t matter. They’d tempted each other long enough. It was time for action.
The next time she lowered herself, he wrapped an arm around her waist and slid his other hand into her leggings, skimming his fingertips over her belly, her mound, feeling the hair on her pussy lips, before finally touching her clit.
She gasped and relaxed, trusting him not to let her fall because she had every faith in the world in him. He fingered her swollen cunt, chinning her golden hair aside and licking the shell of her ear.
“Christopher,” she whispered, leaning against him and arching her back.
“Yeah, baby?” he told her, circling her clit before massaging the inside of her hole. She was already so fucking wet and hot. She’d admitted watching him work out turned her on.
He slid his finger deeper into her.
“I’m going to come.”
He bit her earlobe and she cried out. “That’s the fuckin’ point, Megan,” he reminded her with a grin. “Get your pretty pussy to cream all over my fuckin’ hand, before my ass shove my big dick as deep as the motherfucker can go. You want that?”
He slid his finger inside of her, stroking her in and out, as he thumbed her clit.
“Whatcha want from me?” he demanded.
“Your thick cock,” she managed.
“Where?” He added a second finger inside her pussy and increased the pressure of his thumb.
She groaned. “In my pussy.”
He kissed the top of her head. “That’s my fuckin’ girl.”
“Please,” she begged, grinding against his hand, searching for her orgasm.
“You like to fuck, dontcha?”
Already, he felt the tiny pulses of her body and the tightening of her pussy walls.
“You addicted to my cock, baby.”
She nodded wildly, trembles overtaking her body as her juices slid down his fingers.
Her heart pounding, she drew in a deep breath. As Christopher removed his hand from inside her leggings, she wriggled in his hold, toeing her sneakers off and baring her bottom half. By now, he’d pulled his cock out. Bending over, she grabbed onto the footrail of the power tower, leaving her pussy and ass wide open to him.
He took his dick in hand, teased her cunt entrance, then buried himself inside of her. With his arm still around her, her feet didn’t touch the ground. He wasn’t sure what type of goddamn acrobatics she’d been practicing, but he sure the fuck wasn’t complaining.
Gripping her hips, he pushed into her, while she used her hooker moves to ride his cock and drove him the fuck out of his mind. Pussy-whipped wasn’t the right expression for what he felt for her as she used her pussy muscles to grip his cock before wiggling and bouncing to the rhythm of his movements. 
Pussy-lassoed? Pussy-chained?
Whatever the fuck it was, just bestow the label on him.
After a few minutes of pleasurable torture, she released the footrail, allowing him to hold her, suspended in the air, thrusting in and out of her. He couldn’t finger her pussy in this position, since he sure the fuck couldn’t grip one hip and continue to fuck her.
He backed out of the power tower space, then gently lowered their bodies to the floor. Resting on her elbows, she lifted her ass in the air, opening herself to him. He pushed as deep as he could go.
“Fuuuucccckkkk, baby,” he panted. “You got the best pussy in the fuckin’ world.”
“It’s all yours,” she said breathlessly. “Yours to love. Yours to fuck. Yours to eat. My pussy belongs to you.”
He slammed into her at the words and she mewled like a little cat. “Harder,” she demanded.
Just what the fuck he wanted to hear. He rammed his cock into her over and over, his balls banging against her hairy pussy, pulling cry after cry from her.
“I’m coming,” she breathed, her movements wild and frantic.
Megan gave as good as she got, fucking him to within an inch of his goddamn life and leaving him weak and sated when cum exploded from him and into her.
She collapsed on the floor and he stretched out over her, still connected to her, but careful not to rest all of his weight on her.  A minute passed before he withdrew from her, laid on his side, and pulled her into the crook of his arms.
He smoothed his hand over the top of her damp hair, then kissed her head. “I love you,” he told her.
“I adore you,” she answered, then breathed in deep. “In a few weeks, it’ll be five years since we had our church wedding.”
Yeah, but first, Christmas had to come, and then the new year. Once upon a time, the celebrations stopped there. Megan, however, made a big deal out of his birthday, too, which would also come before Valentine’s Day.
Yet, he knew their anniversary was important to her.
“Yeah, baby. I know, but coming up in seven months, six fuckin’ years since our first weddin’.”
She’d wanted their marriage blessed. Once she got him to agree to a church ceremony, she didn’t want to take any chances that he’d change his mind. Therefore, she wouldn’t wait until their one-year anniversary to renew their vows. That meant, they had two wedding anniversaries.
Last July, they really hadn’t done much to celebrate their first fifth anniversary.
“You wanna fuckin’ celebrate our church shit?”
“Would you object if I did?”
He sighed and looked down at her. She tipped her head up and grinned. “That depends on what the fuck it is,” he said, stealing a kiss from her. He could never, ever get enough of her.
“Actually, I’m not sure what it entails yet.”
A vision of himself in a monkey suit pranced through his mind. No fucking way. She couldn’t put him in another tux. He’d never fucking go for it. She could make faces with her pussy and he wouldn’t change his mind. However, he didn’t want her disappointed, so he came up with something else that might suit them both.
“Baby, I got a idea. How ‘bout both us motherfuckers come up with some fuckin’ ideas and we discuss this shit in a few fuckin’ days. Whoever the fuck come up with the best fuckin’ idea, that’s what the fuck we do.”
She lifted her head and grabbed a kiss from him. “Deal.”
They smiled at each other before she decided to straddle him. Her bare ass teased the head of his cock and her wet pussy brushed against his stomach. She caressed his abs. 
“I love to exercise with you,” she admitted for the hundredth time. “Seeing you in just sweats, with your muscled upper body out, turns me on so much.”
“You know what the fuck turns me on ‘bout you?”
Her eyes brightened and she giggled. “Everything.”
“Fuckin’ right, baby. Every-fuckin-thing.” He’d said it enough times that she should know that fucking answer. “But the biggest reason I stay turned on ‘round you is cuz of you, Megan. Your kind heart and your beautiful fuckin’ soul. You fuckin’ taught me how to fuckin’ be. You showed me the meanin’ of family. Without you, I ain’t a motherfuckin’ thing, baby.”
She laid her head on his chest. “Oh, Christopher. You say the most beautiful things to me.”
He tangled his hands in her silky hair. “I ain’t sayin’ fuck-all I don’t mean. It’s been a fuckin’ privilege and the greatest fuckin’ pleasure in the world, watchin’ you…” His voice trailed off and he sighed. “Watchin’ you grow up, baby. Yet, it ain’t matterin’ to you, cuz you still love me.”
She lifted her head and caught his gaze. “You’re my everything, Christopher. I’m the woman I am today because of you. You allowed me to come into my own. You knew that no matter how much I change, my love, adoration, and admiration for you and of you, never will. I love you with my whole heart and soul, and I will until I take my last breath.”
Her words were nothing she hadn’t said before. Yet, this time, a chill came over him. He hoped like fuck it was the adrenaline of the moment rather than a fucking omen of looming disaster. 

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