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Model My Cover Spotlight: John Quinlan

Not Another Damn Blog spotlight model for September 22nd was John Quinlan.

Note from Not Another Damn Blog-Blog:  
AUTHORS! LISTEN UP! One of my reasons for this blog was to give authors a way that was easier to promote their books. Then I began to see that if you were a new author, a lot of this stuff wasn't easy to figure out! Covers for  example. So today is one of my favorite days! If you're looking for a hot model that does his all for an author? Who is the rare combo of sexy as sin and affordable? You're going to love today with John Quinlan. We have book cover photos he's done, as well as personal info and more photo shoots coming up all day. So look alive!!! And enjoy!    example. So today is one of my favorite days! If you're looking for a hot model that does his all for an author? Who is the rare combo of sexy as sin and affordable? You're going to love today with John Quinlan. We have book cover photos he's done, as well as personal info and more photo shoots coming up all day. So look alive!!! And enjoy https://www.facebook.com/NotADamnBlog

Getting to know John

What's your idea of good foreplay? Great foreplay makes for great sex. A wet blow job is the ultimate turn on as it gets it hard as all hell and ready for some serious pumping. Love all the great things foreplay can involve but giving her oral sex has been the winner with me. Love it!


From Not Another Damn Blog-Blog: Tattooed Romance Cover Model John Joseph Quinlan - Flagentio's Book II in The Anthony Stone Series by Amazon Best Selling Author Taabia Dupree with Designer Taria Reed. Photographer Sandra Kimball. Due out October 2014. #JohnQuinlan

You have a bunch of sexy tats. What part of a woman's body do your think tattoos look best? I am a huge fan of tattoos on women in the right places of course. I love the lower abdominal area, anklet tattoos rock and the back of the neck I think is sexy. Full sleeves look good on the right girl and can be very hot!
What do you consider your greatest achievement to date? Good one, you are asking my greatest achievement to date. Honestly, I have to say the love and support from people all over the globe. I am truly humbled.

 What song best describes you? Song that best describes me is.....Don't Stop Believin' by Journey

John Quinlan who was a professional wrestler at one time has graced a bunch of covers of HOT HOT books! This cover is his favorite because he's from Boston and it's the skyline of his hometown there.
Name one activity you engage in on a regular basis. The one activity I engage in on a regular basis is working out. It is my peace....my escape from reality :)
John Quinlan Bio

John Quinlan (born John Joseph Quinlan October 30, 1974) in Winchester, Massachusetts, is a former American bodybuilder and professional wrestler who now works as a fitness model, fashion model, art model, and romance cover model. He is also a male underwear model. Quinlan has appeared in a variety of publications, including World Physique and Planet Muscle Magazine.Quinlan has appeared in gym video shoots and his image has been used online in many features and interviews.
In 2011 he was signed as an official brand ambassador model for the Swiss men's underwear label Diego Barberi Underwear, and in 2012 he was an official image model and brand ambassador for the supplement company Nutrabolics. Quinlan has been referred to as the most tattooed male romance cover model in the world.  He is a former Team Athletic Xtreme official sponsored athlete.

In May 2013, John appeared as a newly featured Cover Model at the Romantic Times (RT) Convention in Kansas City, MO. John has since been featured on many book covers since his introduction to the world of Romance Novel Cover Modeling.
John has been invited by the RT Convention's founder, Kathryn Falk, to appear at the 2014 RT Convention in New Orleans, LA in May 2014, where he will make an appearance as an official RT Convention Cover Model.
He is an official Phatpuppy cover model for designer Claudia McKinney.
In December 2013, John donated several signed photographs to use in baskets for a raffle to benefit the St Croix Area Holiday Hope Program. All proceeds from the raffle baskets went to the program to purchase holiday gifts for local children in need in the St Croix Valley area.

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John Quinlan @ The IMDb Movie Database
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Model My Cover Spotlight: Travis Lee Ferguson

Not Another Damn Blog spotlight model for September 8th was Travis Lee Ferguson. He will be on the cover of my December release, Misguided.
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Getting to know Travis






Are you recognized on the street?

Actually not very often outside of the Midwest. Once in a while out on the west coast someone will recognize me or my work. With my personality, I am completely ok with not being recognized everywhere I go. I know that one day that kind of notoriety may come, and I have very clear boundaries on what is public and what I would like to keep private. Either way I am extremely thankful and humbled every time someone recognizes and appreciates my work. 

 Do you have any hidden talents?

Hidden talents... Hmm. I wish I could sing but that is definitely not the case. I do love to draw but I have kinda gotten away from it over the past couple years. Other than that, I can also hold my own on a skateboard. Not a lot of people know that, and it's kinda weird to see a 6'5 person on a skateboard but I got skills... By skills I mean I can ride without falling off and do a couple basic tricks ;)



What advice do you have for others aspiring to get into modeling and entertainment?

The most important advice I could give is to learn about the industry from a business perspective. Know which lane(s) you fit in or are trying to pursue and then hustle relentlessly. There are beautiful people everywhere. It takes a lot of hard work and thick skin. 
What crazy activity do you dream of doing?     
 I am pretty rated PG when it comes to extreme activities. Never been sky diving, deep sea diving etc. I would actually love to go on a safari in Africa. (As long as there is someone right next to me with a huge gun in case a lion gets a bright idea.)



What activities do you enjoy doing outside?

I'm from Iowa, so I'm a country boy at heart. With that said, I love being outside. Camping and fishing are my favorite things to do. I also love spending time with my family and playing sports with my son. Exercise is a big part of my life and becomes therapeutic for me so I love to stay active as much as possible


Travis Lee Ferguson Bio

On the 26th day of September, 1985, on the East side of Waterloo, Iowa, the world welcomed a child that would one day grow to inspire and change the lives of many, by the name of Travis Lee Naaman Ferguson.  While still on his quest to achieve this dream, he has made remarkable strides, gaining widespread attention from producers, photographers, and designers throughout the world.  Travis is someone who is very ambitious and hungry for knowledge, while maintaining focus on keeping himself grounded and standing for what he believes in.
Growing up with dreams of becoming an elite athlete, he began to live a life revolving around fitness and health at a very young age.  Travis also developed a passion and dream of becoming an actor, but due to a lack of opportunities in Iowa, he focused on athletics.  Excelling in football, basketball, and track, Travis has essentially spent his whole life turning his body into a machine.  This hard work paid off after his sophomore year of high school when receiving a full ride scholarship from Iowa State University to play football.  While there, as a student athlete, he managed to get his degree in sociology, graduating in 2009. 
While still in college, Travis was blessed with an opportunity to follow his dreams of becoming a model/ actor, when approached by a local modeling agency.  Travis began building his portfolio by booking photo shoots with local photographers and learning to perfect his craft as a new model.  Still focusing on school and football at the time, his availability was very limited. 
Also, while in college, Travis welcomed the most influential part of his life, a baby boy.  As a new father, Travis had a sense of urgency to fulfill his dreams and set an example to his son on how to follow his goals relentlessly.  The birth of his son taught Travis the importance of managing his priorities and staying grounded to what he believes in, which has propelled his career to new heights in this fast moving industry.
Immediately after his graduation from Iowa State, he was able to kick his career into full throttle, by booking shoots throughout the entire country, working with over 100 photographers, designers, and producers.  Travis has also had the opportunity to begin growing his acting career by taking acting classes, and being casted in numerous commercials, including a lead role in an advertisement for Veridian Credit Union in 2012.  Travis has also expanded even further into radio voice overs, and motivational speaking, to create even more diversity in his portfolio.  While print and runway modeling consume the majority of his experience, Travis is slowly breaking ground into the acting industry, and steadily looking for other opportunities.

Travis’ experience has caught the attention of a very loyal fan base that has supported and followed his career extremely closely.  Travis says that his fans are the reason that he does what he does, and loves to get to know and interact with the people that have gotten him so far in this business.  Travis is constantly finding new ways to show his appreciation to his supporters through social media, appearances, and other events.

Travis’ physique has graced the cover of Sensual Horizon, a romance novel by well known author Langston John Blaze, along with the urban fiction novel cover Never Again, No More by author, Untamed. He has also been featured in publications, such as Seriously Sensual, Fashion Affair Magazine,  Juice Magazine, Tightrope Magazine, Underground Joyride, Diamond Lifestyles, and Gloss Magazine Online along with other publications.  Adding to his extremely lengthy resume as a known print model, Travis has begun to break into the runway market nationwide.  He has recently blazed the runways as a featured celebrity model for numerous runway projects, and recently the XY runway show, and iCandy 2 in Chicago IL, both produced by the legendary Blake Martin.
In addition to molding himself into a nationally known entertainer, Travis has begun using his teaching skills to help new and aspiring models follow their dream.  Travis has worked with numerous aspiring models to learn the business side of the industry, and start or add to their portfolio with amazing images.
Travis Lee Ferguson is becoming more and more a hot commodity in the fashion/ modeling world.  Each day, he is making progress toward maximizing his full potential, gaining experience in print modeling, runway, editorial, event hosting, and acting.  Traveling from coast to coast, Travis Lee Ferguson is becoming a familiar name, and face in the entertainment industry!

Social Links

Facebook: www.facebook.com/modeltravisleeferguson

Twitter: www.twitter.com/travislferg or @travislferg

Instagram: www.instagram.com/travislferg or @travislferg
Website: http://www.travisleeferguson.com/

Proceeds from the sale of Travis' calendar go to the Boys & Girls Club of America http://www.bgca.org/Pages/index.aspx To purchase a calendar or for more information, click here:

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Model My Cover Spotlight: DeLonn Donovan

Not Another Damn Blog will spotlight models on Mondays, premiering with DeLonn Donovan.  I'm lucky enough to spotlight the models here, too! Meanwhile, show the blog some love. https://www.facebook.com/NotADamnBlog

Dirty dreams, beautiful people.                                       Kat

Getting to know DeLonn:

    1.)    How did you get your start in modeling?  I started out as an actor at 14. I had my first professional role at 15 in a touring production. My high school theater teacher suggested that I consider modeling and pointed me in the right direction. My first professional job was at 16 for Ares Sports wear and it is really funny that they still use those pictures in their catalog.


 2.)    What is your favorite romantic getaway? My favorite getaway would be anywhere with a beach, sun and warm water. I would love to lay in the sand with that special woman and sip tropical drinks by crystal clear blue water...


       3.)    What do you enjoy eating? I like eating lots of different things from Italian, to Cuban, to Mexican. I do tend to like it hot and spicy, you know...full of flavor.




     4.)    Where do you see yourself in 10 years' time? As the parent of a 14 year old, wow is that even possible! But no, really, I want to see my clothing line running well and being a leader in men's fashion, I want to be modeling and acting full time and be able to give back and mentor kids from backgrounds like mine.



       5.)    Do you prefer to work alone or with someone? Well, of course I prefer doing anything with another person. No one likes to work alone as much as they like to work with another. When the partnership is right and you get in sync with each other you can flow and ride the waves of thought and inspiration, it is a high like no other when you are with the right person. It is earth shaking and afterward, you're never the same.


DeLonn Donovan Bio


       DeLonn Donovan is a professional actor and model who is based in Columbus, OH.  A father of two, DeLonn began his career in theater, his first love. He appeared professionally on the stage in regional theater companies and Equity stage productions, which lead to his second love, film. DeLonn has appeared in three feature films: Secretariat for Disney Films, Warrior for Lions Gate Films, and God Don’t Make the Laws for Red Dawn Films.  DeLonn has appeared in approximately twenty independent films and many local, regional, and national commercials including one for Safe Auto that aired during the 2011 Super Bowl.  DeLonn has also had a successful modeling career appearing in print ads for Foster Grant, Hilton Hotels, Huntington Banking Company, and Ares Sportswear.  DeLonn continues to pursue projects that he’s passionate about such as competing in the Romantic Times Reader’s Convention’s Mr. Romance Competition in 2010 and 2011 and returning in 2013 after having been selected as one of the Best of the Best Cover Models.  Recently, DeLonn has completed shooting commercials for Scott’s Miracle Grow and Prescriptions Plus. In his free time, DeLonn enjoys working out, hunting, fishing, cycling and is an avid movie buff. 


Portraits of DeLonn


 Links to DeLonn


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeLonn.Donovan?fref=ts

Website: http://delonndonovan.wix.com/delonndonovan#!




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