Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Bane of My Existence

Recently, I discovered that more of my books have been pirated. Book piracy is the absolute bane of my existence. It devalues an author's work. It takes time out of our writing schedules to address this with whatever website has the book listed. To varying degrees of success, I might add. Many times, a book is taken down only to be listed again on another site. On several of these sites, people even requested one of my titles, especially Misled. The book is available online without even having to download it. It dampens my creativity, especially for the Death Dwellers. True, I write about these characters because I love them. But it's also a nice thought that I may recoup some of the money I've put into releasing the novel.

It's been argued that piracy helps to get a writer's work out there, and that authors are elitist for not wanting their books listed on free sites. Let's be real for a moment. If someone is willing to pirate one book--request a listing for that book--it's safe to say they will do the same for another book. This doesn't help an author's sales; it hurts them. As for the elitism bit, I take issue with that. Authors strive to release their best product. We hire editors, graphic designers, and formatters because we value and appreciate our readers and take pride in our work. It doesn't make us elitist to want to break even in our artistic ventures. It doesn't make us elitist that we wish to protect the precious paragraphs we spend hours creating.

Unfortunately, this isn't going to stop. I'm only one voice in a sea of pirates. If the music and movie industries have failed to end piracy, how can I expect to? There are laws in place: piracy IS theft. But these laws haven't had much success putting an end to this faceless crime. Internet pirates are all but impossible to locate.The saddest part is if these people would contact me and request a copy of my book, I'd more than likely give it to them.

What's the difference, you ask? Free is free, huh?

Yes, but fair is fair. It should be an author's right to choose where they list--and who they want to gift--their intellectual property to.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Misled's New Cover

Dear Beautiful People,

There are two reasons why Misled has a redesigned cover. 1.) I am transitioning my name from Kathryn Kelly to Kathryn C. Kelly. FYI, the 'C' is for Christine. I promised my fellow writer and namesake that I would do so to better distinguish one Kat Kelly from the other. 2.) In December, it will be five years since Misled's original release. This is an anniversary cover, only a few months earlier. Why? Well, because I intend to release the first of the next generation's book, (CJ's), and I wouldn't want Outlaw to steal his son's thunder. You will start to see the new cover on the sales sites over the next week or two. The only addition to this edition are deleted scenes that didn't make the final cut when I first wrote the story. Over the coming months, the covers of the main books will be replaced to resemble this one. Hopefully, you like the new look as much as I do.

Outlaw is not just his name…

Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell lives life the only way he knows how. Hard. Loyal. Brutal. As president of the Death Dwellers he takes what he wants and gives only what is deserved, even meeting death head-on if it’s called for. He’s spent the last year holding the MC together after Big Joe Foy’s death. The last distraction he needs is a blue-eyed bombshell who is too sweet, too sexy, and too damn young. Worse, she brings out protective feelings Outlaw doesn’t like. It would be a crime to take her—but his name is Outlaw.

It’s his lifestyle.

Megan Foy needs help. After running away from her abusive stepfather, she goes searching for her dad, hoping he and his MC brothers will put a stop to the beatings she and her mother endure. What she finds is a hotter-than-hell man who sets her secret desires on fire, a man who calls to her inner bad-girl. A man who makes it clear he doesn’t want her around. But she isn’t backing down. She sees through his tough exterior. Outlaw might want her gone, but Megan wants him—and she’ll fight for what she wants.
A horrible secret could mean the end of the road for Outlaw and Megan. But Outlaw will turn hell inside out to keep what he thought he never wanted…

Misled is also available on audio!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018



(c)2018 Kathryn Kelly

Text subject to change

Please be aware this is the first draft. 

Christ! Knox's actions actually mirrored Outlaw’s. That thought horrified him. He didn’t want to be like the club president in any way.
“You hurtin’ me, Aunt Kenda.” CJ’s cry drifted into the room.
“Ouch!” Kendall yelled. “You little motherfucker, I’m beating your ass for kicking me.”
“Mommie!” CJ yelled. “’Law! Aunt Kenda got me.”
Outlaw was already hobbling toward the entrance hall, although Johnnie beat him there. As Knox and the other men arrived, Megan and the women came from the other direction.
Johnnie was whispering in Kendall’s ear, and pointing to CJ.
“Come here, boy,” Outlaw said, throwing a death glare in Kendall’s direction. Wincing, he stooped down when CJ reached him and took his son into his arms. “What happened?”
“Does it really matter?” Megan asked dully.
“Aunt Kenda mean,” CJ sniffled. “She don’t treat me like at the ball, when MegAnn was there. And you. A whole lotta peoples.”
“What the fuck happen now, CJ” Outlaw asked.
“Her grabbed my arm and shook me. Her say she was going to beat me cuz I won’t say Aunt Kendall. I call her Aunt Kenda.”
Kendall squinted at CJ. “He’s lying,” she said without flinching. 
“Nuh-uh, Aunt Kenda!” CJ cried, turning toward her, his little face wet with tears and red.
“My boy ain’t a liar.”
Folding her arms, she lifted her chin. “Even if it was true, which it isn’t, there’s not a lot you could do to me. You would never hit me. And, because of Johnnie, you wouldn’t kill me, either.”
“I could shake the fuck out of you. Dangle your motherfuckin’ ass from a fifty-story building and accidently let you go,” Outlaw said.
 “Your son’s a goddamn liar,” Kendall bit out.
“My son isn’t a liar,” Megan inserted coldly, marching to where Kendall and Johnnie stood. “It’s time for you to go, Kendall. I was going to talk to you about the incident from a few weeks ago. The supposed punch you almost gave to CJ. I defended you, but…” She huffed in a breath. “Oh, never mind. Just leave before I do something I regret.”
Kendall let out a nasty laugh. “I fucking dare you to raise your hand to me. That’ll be the last fucking thing you do for a while.”
Megan faced Kendall, David to Kendall’s Goliath, even though they were both in their bare feet. 
“I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but no one,” Megan started, rage in her voice. “No one hurts my children and then has the gall to believe I won’t retaliate on their behalf.”
“Ha!” Kendall started. “You’re a pissy, wimpy, drooling asslicker.  He’s a—”
Megan’s punch to Kendall’s face stopped her words cold. Megan didn’t stop at just one punch, either. She went on the offensive. After Megan’s fifth punch, Kendall managed to get her balance, and shoved Megan into the table, containing family photos. It crashed to its side, sending frames in all directions.
“Mommie!” CJ cried as she went sprawling. “Don’t hurt my mommie, Aunt Kenda!”
“Get back, boy,” Christopher instructed as Megan tangled her legs around Kendall’s, bringing her down to the floor, and springing on her.
“Megan, fuck, stop this!” Johnnie demanded, reaching for her. But she was little, light, and quick on her feet, easily evading him.
Megan paused and gave Johnnie a look of total disgust. “Fuck you!” she spat out and balled her fist, punching Johnnie in the nose so hard that he reeled back as blood sprayed everywhere.
“FUCK!” Johnnie roared, holding his nose, and rushing away for something to stem the gushing blood.
Kendall yanked Megan by the hair and twisted her around. “You punched my husband, you little cunt?” she snarled. “Of course you did. You think all the men belong to you, but especially Johnnie and Outlaw. Everyone talks about me wanting to sleep with Outlaw. What about you? You keep my husband twisted around your little finger, like a dick in a glass case, that says break in case of an emergency. Fuck you!”
“Bitch!” Megan yelled, getting a good one to Kendall’s eye. “That isn’t true, but you believe what you want.” She blew out huge breaths. “I don’t want Johnnie. Anyway, this isn’t about our husbands. Do not fuck with my son. Christopher can’t hit you, but I can fuck you up.”
“Meggie, Kendall, stop this!” Roxy cried, attempting to rush forward, but being blocked by Mortician. 
All the bikers looked to Outlaw for direction, as Megan and Kendall circled each other like angry lionesses.
Megan threw a jab that connected with Kendall’s jaw.
“That’s my fucking woman,” Outlaw boasted with gleeful pride.
“Stop this, you two!” Zoann ordered.
“Meggie, please, she isn’t worth it,” Bunny, Digger’s wife, and Megan’s assistant called.
“We’re all family,” Ophelia, Cash and Stretch’s girlfriend, cried. “Don’t do this. You can never take this back.”
Jordan inched closer to Cam, who put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him.
Kendall shoved Megan, and she stumbled back. Growling, Megan sprung on Kendall, grabbing handfuls of red hair and yanking. Screaming, Kendall jerked away, leaving a some of her hair in Megan’s hand.
“Stop this, this fucking minute!” Johnnie commanded, high-pitched, and with small bits of bloody Kleenex hanging from his nostrils. “Kendall, enough! If you want us to talk later, back the fuck up!”
“Uh, bro,” Digger called, crunching on potato chips. “No motherfucker taking your ass serious when you around here sounding like a castrated hog.”
“Fuck off,” Johnnie squealed as Kendall connected with Megan’s eye and the little blonde retaliated in kind. 
Mortician winced at the punches. “Prez, why we lettin’ Meggie girl and Red fuck each other up?”
“No!” Johnnie answered in Outlaw’s place, stepping toward the warring women.
“Make one motherfuckin’ step and Ima shoot the fuck outta you,” Outlaw warned, pulling his nine and aiming at Johnnie’s head. “Your bitch need to be brought down a peg or two. I ain’t able to do shit ‘bout her shenanigans, but my Megan can.”
“Outlaw, baby, this isn’t the answer,” Roxy said, frantic. She stood on her tiptoes to see over Mortician’s shoulder. “Stop this.”
“No.” He motioned Johnnie over with the gun. 
Knox thought about adding his two cents, but didn’t want to get shot. All the other guys felt that way, too. They stood in front of the women, refusing to allow them to interfere because Outlaw didn’t want it.
“You crazy little cunt,” Kendall spat, drawing Knox’s attention.
“I’ll show you a crazy little cunt,” Megan said, and sending Kendall careening into a nose-bleeding Johnnie and toppling both of them.
The side of Megan’s lip bled, one eye was swelling, and a cheek was bruised.
Kendall’s face was a bloody, swollen mess. Her shirt was torn hallway off. She had scratches on her neck and chest.
Kendall grabbed Megan’s leg and pulled her down, but Megan hopped to her feet like a little cat as Kendall started to stand.
Megan took ass kicking for real and kicked Kendall right in hers. If her ass had been bare, Megan’s toes probably would’ve gotten caught in Kendall’s butt crack. That’s how fucking accurate it was.
“Mommie, please stop!” CJ sobbed.
Glancing down into his son’s frightened eyes, Outlaw sighed, shoved his gun into the pocket of his cut, and walked into the fight, pushing Kendall aside and grabbing Megan.
“Motherfucker!” Kendall screamed because Outlaw pushed her harder than necessary and she sprawled onto the floor.
“Let me go, Christopher!” Megan demanded, struggling against his hold. “I’m going to kill her.”
 “Come on, cunt,” Kendall taunted. “Try it! I fucking dare you.” 
Knox couldn’t believe his eyes. Kendall actually had the fucking gall to get in the position to lunge.
Megan managed to break free and give Kendall a punch to the side of the head as Digger grabbed Kendall and Outlaw took hold of Megan again.
“If you ever set foot on club grounds again, I’m going to beat your miserable ass with a bat,” Megan snarled, red-faced and furious. “Almost punching my son in the face, then grabbing his arm tonight. How dare you? What do you do to your own kids? You’re such a poor excuse for a human being. My God, you’re lower than low.”
“You can’t bar me from the club, bitch,” Kendall retorted. “Only a member can.”
“The hell I can’t, cow,” Megan shot back. “If Christopher wants in there ever again, he’ll see to it you’re never on the grounds again.”
“Now wait a fuckin’ minute, Megan,” Outlaw growled. “Shit gettin’ the fuck out of hand. This bitch pissin’ you off so much, she messin’ with the business of my cock.”
Megan elbowed Outlaw in the gut. “You’ve already messed with the business of your cock,” she fumed.
“You’re such a manipulative little bitch,” Kendall shouted, drawing Megan’s attention again. “I’ve known all along you hated me.”
“I didn’t before, whiner. Now, I do. Don’t fuck with my man and don’t fuck with my children.”
“Megan, stop with the cussin’,” Outlaw ordered. “That ain’t you and I don’t like it.”
“Yes, little cock servant, do what your master tells you,” Kendall taunted as Megan struggled to free herself.
Digger lost his hold on Kendall and she rushed to Megan. Before Outlaw had a chance to do anything, Megan escaped him, met Kendall in the middle of their ring, and punched her so hard, she knocked her out.
“Kendall!” Johnnie yelled, rushing forward so she wouldn’t hit her head on the floor. “Megan I should shake the fuck out of you.”
“Johnnie, I already shot the fuck outta you once,” Outlaw reminded him. “You shake my woman, I might accidentally throw your cunt on concrete and break every fuckin’ bone in her body.”
Megan stomped to Johnnie and shoved him back. “Kendall is never allowed near my children again. She’s not allowed on the grounds. She’s not allowed to blink at CJ. She’s a horrible, evil bitch. She wanted to punch my son, my CJ, in his face.”
“When?” Johnnie gasped, his swelling nose squeaking, then narrowed his eyes. “Doing your kidnapping? If you were so bothered by that, you should’ve taken it up with her then.”
“Oh, shut up, asshole,” Megan commanded. “Kendall can walk all over you for the rest of your miserable life, but she better not ever, never, ever mess with my children or my husband ever again. Am I clear?”
Johnnie blinked as Kendall groaned. He turned sheet-white, shell-shocked by Megan’s vehemence, and his anger deflated in an instant. 
“You’re clear, sweetheart,” he said quietly.
Megan drew in a deep breath, then kneeled in front of CJ and hugged him tightly. “I’m sooo sorry, potato,” she whispered. “And I’m sorry I upset you tonight, but Aunt Kendall needed to be dealt with for what she did to you.”
“Okay,” CJ said in a tired, watery voice.
“What’s wrong with you people?” Johnnie demanded. “Not one of you stopped this fight.”
“Shut the fuck up, Johnnie,” Zoann ordered. “It’s past time Meggie gave you and Kendall a beat down.”
Johnnie touched his nose and winced. “I think she broke my fucking nose.”
Getting to her feet, Megan picked CJ up and limped out of the crowd. “I should break your head. Kendall is this bad because you allowed it, Johnnie.”
“I resent that.” Johnnie tried to scowl. “Kendall’s a grown woman. I’m not responsible for her behavior.”
Megan’s eyes watered.
“Ahh, baby, now come on,” Christopher started. “You gonna ruin all my happiness if you start to cry.”
CJ lifted his head from her shoulder and frowned at the tears glistening in her eyes. “It’s okay, Mommie,” he whispered.
“I can’t believe this,” she said on a sniffle. “Kendall and me were friends.”
Now, that the fight was over and her rush of anger-sparked adrenaline had deserted her, Megan sounded crushed. She’d always found a way to defend Kendall.
Outlaw went to her and wrapped her in his arms, effectively trapping CJ between them. “Motherfuckers gettin’ out of hand and that shit just not gonna fuckin’ fly, especially if it got my sweet Megan cussin’ and beatin’ a bitch to the ground.”
Johnnie helped Kendall into a sitting position as she regained consciousness.
“Stay here, Kendall,” he said, “while I collect our children from upstairs in the play room.”
The moment Johnnie left, Kendall glared at the back of Megan’s head.
“You’re nothing but Outlaw’s cocksucking whore,” Kendall said viciously.
“Kendall, shut up,” Roxy ordered.
“Shut up?” she cried, turning her wrath on Roxy. “How could you? You didn’t try to defend me.”
“You have something against poor little CJ. You needed your ass beat,” Roxy told her calmly. “I should have punched the fuck out of you when you balled your fist up.”
Outlaw whispered to Megan and she shook her head before stepping away and setting CJ on his feet.
“Kendall, I don’t want to hear your voice anymore,” Megan said coolly. “Get out of my house.”
“I should sue you for assault and battery,” Kendall said.
“And I should kill your fuckin’ ass for bitchery and misery,” Outlaw shot back.
“Fuck you, asshole,” Kendall retorted, then focused on Megan again. “You can’t bar me from club grounds.”
“She can’t,” Outlaw said. “But my ass can.” He walked around his wife and son, went to Kendall and dragged her to her feet. “From the fuckin’ moment to fuckin’ infinity, don’t fuckin’ ever set foot on club grounds a-fuckin-gain. That mean all your permissions gonna be revoked. You can’t get passed the mechanical fuckin’ gate. You can’t attend club functions. You can’t socialize with club members.”
“Oh, please. Johnnie’s a club member. Are you saying I can’t socialize with him?”
Outlaw offered her a nasty grin. “You always the smartest fuckin’ bitch in the house, aintcha? You fuckin’ figure that shit out.” Ignoring Kendall’s gasp, he made a three hundred sixty degree turn, meeting each person’s gaze as he did. “Dinner cancelled. All you motherfuckers get the fuck outta my fuckin’ house.”
Without another word, he grabbed Megan’s hand on one side of him and CJ’s on the other, and started out of the room, leaving everyone in stunned silence.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

My Week In Review/May 27, 2018 - June 2, 2018

Dear Beautiful People,

The most outstanding occurrence in my week came this past Monday, when I was made aware of Menstrual Hygiene Day. It was given special focus because the Duchess of Sussex is an advocate of menstrual health. Or maybe it clicked in my brain because of her involvement.  I became familiar with the term 'period poor', where girls and women aren't able to afford basic sanitary supplies. They are also made to feel ashamed, as if what happens to them is their own fault. Perhaps, I have lived in ignorance for so long because I was one of the lucky ones. My mother had no problem explaining the facts of life to me and she made sure I had whatever I needed when I was a child. Because I was ten when I began my periods, and I suffered with cramps, severe dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder, endometriosis, and polycystic ovaries. I was a wreck. Weeks would go by and I'd suffer the symptoms but not the actual period. Other times, my periods lasted 6-8 weeks. I ended up with anemia. I cannot imagine how my life would've been if I wouldn't have had the mother that I did. I had to go to Charity Hospital every Tuesday, so I could be monitored. Estrogen would've helped a lot, but I developed blood clots at 12 and 15, and again at 19, so I've been banned from the hormone for the rest of my life. Even today, I must take aspirin to keep my blood thinned. Of course, the aspirin didn't help my heavy periods. Needless to say, it very much alarmed me when it finally penetrated my take-it-for-granted-brain how big of an epidemic the lack of resources are for women, as well as the awful stigma that is attached to menstruation. We, as women, should be celebrated. We definitely should ban together to help our sisters in need. There are many websites out there that discusses Menstrual Hygiene Day, but here are two that you should look up: Myna Mahila and Menstrual Hygiene Day.

Menstrual Hygiene Day happened to fall on Memorial Day this year. The day for me was very quiet, although I did reflect on its meaning and I will always thank service members for their great contributions.

On a lighter note and in reference to my previous post, Kendall's Crimes, I'd like to say that I'm aware continually focusing on her crimes "brings light to them", "cheapens Kendall's many issues that prevent her from healing", and "doesn't allow the reader to move on so that she may be forgiven". Kendall is a heated issue and I sometimes forget that, as the author, I shouldn't attempt to "manipulate the minds of readers by constantly bringing her up". In fairness to the "sensibilities of readers", I will do a post on Christopher's Crimes. Soon. 😜

Tell me how your week went in the comments.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Favorite Sexual Positions

We all have them. Maybe, the position is more comfortable, gives us more control, or allows for more pleasure.

Here are mine...

At this point in my unanticipated celibacy....

1.) Any

The End

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Kendall's Crimes

It pains me to list the bad behavior of the woman everyone loves to hate, but Mama Kelly pointed out Kendall's crimes to me. Do you agree with the list? Can you list any redeeming qualities that
Kendall has?

Anti-heroine - a leading female in a book or movie who is a villain with redeemable qualities.
Villain - an evil character in a book or movie who plays an important role in the plot.

Which one is Kendall to you? Anti-heroine or villain?

1.) Repeatedly insulted Meggie.

2.) Made Meggie lose her baby.

3.) Nearly had Outlaw killed.

4.) Drugged Johnnie

5.) Wanted to punch CJ.

6.) Made Rory kneel in a corner.

7.) Tried to seduce Outlaw several times.

8.) Got Johnnie shot.

9.) Had an abortion because she was angry.

10.) Got Meggie kidnapped.

11.) Got Val and Christopher kidnapped.

12.) Tried to convince Bailey to divorce Mortician.

13.) Barred her kids from certain rooms in her house.

14.) Wouldn't allow her kids to have nicknames.

15.) Hated a child.

16.) Threatened to tell Meggie that she killed Traveler.

17.) Got Meggie strangled by Johnnie.

18.) Pretended her injuries were worse than the actually were.

19.) Aligned with Randolph.

20.) Withheld information about Spoon.

21.) Stowed away on an airplane.

22.) Punched Meggie in the stomach.

23.) Got into a fight with Zoann.

24.) Got Daphne killed.

25.) Didn't want Johnnie to drink beer.

26.) Got Johnnie to leave the club.

27.) Betrayed Ophelia

28.) In essence, betrayed the club.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Shit Memaw Kelly Says

We all love Mama Kelly. Now, she's offering up five of her favorite sayings!

1.) "What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander."

2.) "If you don't like it, tough nuggies."

3.)"What do you expect me to do? Get naked and stand on my head and make faces with my ass?"

4.) "You thought like Lit. He went to fart and shit."

5.) "I'm not in that shit. My name is Smith."

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Favorite Moments of the Royal Wedding

It's been 10 days since the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and I still can't get the lovely ceremony out of my mind! Can you? Do you agree with my choices? What was your favorite moment?

1.) The princes chatting as the walked to the chapel.

2.) Meghan Markle & Doria Ragland in the Rolls Royce on the drive to the chapel.

3.) The gown.

4.)The veil.

5.) Meghan's entrance.

6.) The page boy's joy at hearing a trumpet for the first time.

7.)Prince Charles's chivalry to both Meghan and her mother.

8.) Prince Harry raising Meghan's veil and saying 'hi'.

9.) Bishop Curry's address.

10.) Stand By Me.

11.) When Meghan pushed her ring on with her pinky.

12.) The searing looks.

13.) The kiss.

14.) The carriage ride.

15.) The second kiss.

16.) The pageantry

17.) The second gown.

18.) Meghan leaning over and unlocking the door for Prince Harry.

Monday, May 28, 2018

9 Facts About Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

1.) Memorial Day was originally called "Decoration Day".

2.) The first Memorial Day Celebration was held on May 5, 1868.

3.) More than one million American soldiers have died since the Revolutionary War.

4.) President Bill Clinton signed the National Moment of Remembrance Act in 2000. 3PM each Memorial Day is set aside to "pause and consider the true meaning of this holiday".

5.) New York was the first state to officially recognize Memorial Day.

6.) Nearly a million people are expected to attend Rolling Thunder in 2018. It is the annual Memorial Day rally in Washington, D.C.

7.) In 1968, Congress officially designated the last Monday in May as the day to observe Memorial Day. The law went into effect in 1971.

8.) Moina Michael was the first to wear red poppies on Memorial Day to honor those who died serving the USA during war.

9.) It began in the years following the Civil War, where over 600,000 soldiers lost their lives.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

My Week In Review & Kat's Quickies

Dear Beautiful People,

Photo obtained from
Since this is the first day of the week, I won't post my week in review today, but I will do it on Saturdays. During the week, I intend to start posting Kat's Quickies. Each day will be a different topic. From time-to-time, I'll even post WIP excerpts and polls for you to participate in. Who knows? A contest or two might pop up, so be sure to check in on the blog as much as possible!

I hope you have a great week and a safe Memorial Day!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

My First Book of 2018 Comes with Hope

Dear Beautiful People,

Last year was such a struggle for me to get words onto paper. If I managed a page in a day, I was ecstatic. The plot was there. The characters were telling me, HELLO. Other ideas teamed in my head, but the actual storytelling failed me. I ended up releasing just a couple of novels. I was disappointed and frustrated. Adding to my frustration was the fact that Amazon hid me. There's another Kathryn Kelly who is a romance author. Whenever I clicked the name "Kathryn Kelly", I was taken directly to her page, essentially losing me in the shuffle. Amazon also took away some of my reviews from my previously published work. I'd gotten messages from readers who told me they tried to post reviews for my books but Amazon denied them. Without at least 50 reviews in the first week or two after a release, Amazon loses you in its algorithms, so it really didn't help that I wasn't able to get new reviews for older work and I didn't have a new book to push.

At one point, I thought about throwing in the towel and giving up writing. I never could. I'd stop for a week or two and swear I'd never tell another story, then something would pop into my head and I'd have to get to the computer. I stopped telling myself the lie that I could give up writing. It just wasn't possible. Writing is in my blood. Even if I stopped offering my work publicly, I'd still have to write.

Somewhere along the way, Christopher and company stepped back onto the stage, and demanded another story, and An Outlaw Valentine was born. Once again, I'm filled with ideas for stories. I have a schedule, in my head, that I'd like to stick to in 2018. I have hope that chemotherapy didn't kill my ability to tell stories.

I want to shout and jump and dance that I have another book out. All writers want the world to know about their books. We want our stories to be well-received and popular. Prior to August 5, 2015, my dream was to be on the New York Times bestseller's list. Last year, my dream was just to write. The release of An Outlaw Valentine is a pivotal moment for me. Words cannot express how happy and relieved I am.

I'd like to thank everyone who support and encourage me. You check in with me to make sure I'm okay. You send me funny jokes. You inspire me. Thank you for being so awesome. I have plans to release at least four books in 2018. Amazon might hide me again. (When I wrote to them to ask how could we be distinguished from each other, I never received an answer. Instead, I was told the other Kathryn Kelly sold more books than I did and had more reviews, so she would automatically be more visible.) I will post news of upcoming releases on my page and keep my fingers crossed that my books will be found.

In closing, I'd like to say never give in and never give up. Keep rolling on.

Love, Kat

An Outlaw Valentine

Christopher & Megan - Outlaw and Meggie’s fifth wedding anniversary for their church ceremony is approaching and they are thinking of ways to celebrate. With it being so close to Valentine’s Day, Meggie decides to throw a Valentine’s Day Celebration. All seems well, until a rival club with an agenda, gets on Outlaw’s bad side. When they use Meggie as a pawn, Outlaw races against a ticking clock to find the woman he loves more than life itself.

Johnnie & Kendall – Johnnie is searching for a way to bring Christopher and Megan closer to him and Kendall. During one of their outings, Kendall is offered a legal case that she badly wants to take. When she comes up with the perfect solution to secure Johnnie’s agreement, it leads to unforeseen complications that threatens her and Johnnie’s lives, as well as their marriage, that might finally spell the end for them. 

An Outlaw Valentine Trailer

Chapter One


Slipping just inside his home gym, Christopher Caldwell focused on his wife’s movements as she completed her set of lunges, holding five-pound weights in each hand. He’d join her in a moment. Right now, he was just content to watch her go through her routine.
As always, he thanked whatever fluke of fate sent her to him as an eighteen-year-old naïve girl who had blossomed into a sexy woman. His woman. 
She wasn’t very tall, but what she lacked in height, her kindness more than made up for it.
She glanced in his direction and started. Removing her earbuds and setting them on the floor, next to her phone, she smiled at him. “Hey, you.”
“Hey, baby,” he responded, finally closing the door and walking fully into the room. He glanced back at the door. Although their oldest son hadn’t gotten home from school yet and the rest of their children were somewhere in the house with Megan’s assistant, he really needed to get a lock for the gym. Every chance he got, he fucked Megan in here.
Grinning at the thought of getting into her pussy, he went to his power tower, grabbed the upper bars and lifted himself, counting off in his head.
Long ago, he’d learned the importance of staying fit. A motherfucker never knew when he needed to get the fuck away or chase after other motherfuckers to fuck them up.
When he reached fifty, he allowed his feet to touch the ground. It didn’t surprise him to find his wife next to him. Desire darkened her blue eyes. He smirked at her, stepping aside so she could have a turn on the equipment. Grabbing her waist, he lifted her up, allowing her to reach the handles, then grunted as she used her upper arm strength to pull herself above the bar.
He loved working out with her. However, he didn’t want her with muscles. She knew his feelings and had agreed to his wishes. That was the beauty of them. They took each other’s wants and needs into account. What she wanted, she got. In turn, she laid the world at his feet.
As she lifted herself again, he stepped closer, allowing not even an inch to separate their bodies. With each movement she made, her back and ass brushed against his chest and cock.
Thrusting against her, he groaned, regretting the leggings she wore. He wanted to see her in tiny skirts when they exercised together and made a mental note to mention that to her. At the moment, what she wore didn’t matter. They’d tempted each other long enough. It was time for action.
The next time she lowered herself, he wrapped an arm around her waist and slid his other hand into her leggings, skimming his fingertips over her belly, her mound, feeling the hair on her pussy lips, before finally touching her clit.
She gasped and relaxed, trusting him not to let her fall because she had every faith in the world in him. He fingered her swollen cunt, chinning her golden hair aside and licking the shell of her ear.
“Christopher,” she whispered, leaning against him and arching her back.
“Yeah, baby?” he told her, circling her clit before massaging the inside of her hole. She was already so fucking wet and hot. She’d admitted watching him work out turned her on.
He slid his finger deeper into her.
“I’m going to come.”
He bit her earlobe and she cried out. “That’s the fuckin’ point, Megan,” he reminded her with a grin. “Get your pretty pussy to cream all over my fuckin’ hand, before my ass shove my big dick as deep as the motherfucker can go. You want that?”
He slid his finger inside of her, stroking her in and out, as he thumbed her clit.
“Whatcha want from me?” he demanded.
“Your thick cock,” she managed.
“Where?” He added a second finger inside her pussy and increased the pressure of his thumb.
She groaned. “In my pussy.”
He kissed the top of her head. “That’s my fuckin’ girl.”
“Please,” she begged, grinding against his hand, searching for her orgasm.
“You like to fuck, dontcha?”
Already, he felt the tiny pulses of her body and the tightening of her pussy walls.
“You addicted to my cock, baby.”
She nodded wildly, trembles overtaking her body as her juices slid down his fingers.
Her heart pounding, she drew in a deep breath. As Christopher removed his hand from inside her leggings, she wriggled in his hold, toeing her sneakers off and baring her bottom half. By now, he’d pulled his cock out. Bending over, she grabbed onto the footrail of the power tower, leaving her pussy and ass wide open to him.
He took his dick in hand, teased her cunt entrance, then buried himself inside of her. With his arm still around her, her feet didn’t touch the ground. He wasn’t sure what type of goddamn acrobatics she’d been practicing, but he sure the fuck wasn’t complaining.
Gripping her hips, he pushed into her, while she used her hooker moves to ride his cock and drove him the fuck out of his mind. Pussy-whipped wasn’t the right expression for what he felt for her as she used her pussy muscles to grip his cock before wiggling and bouncing to the rhythm of his movements. 
Pussy-lassoed? Pussy-chained?
Whatever the fuck it was, just bestow the label on him.
After a few minutes of pleasurable torture, she released the footrail, allowing him to hold her, suspended in the air, thrusting in and out of her. He couldn’t finger her pussy in this position, since he sure the fuck couldn’t grip one hip and continue to fuck her.
He backed out of the power tower space, then gently lowered their bodies to the floor. Resting on her elbows, she lifted her ass in the air, opening herself to him. He pushed as deep as he could go.
“Fuuuucccckkkk, baby,” he panted. “You got the best pussy in the fuckin’ world.”
“It’s all yours,” she said breathlessly. “Yours to love. Yours to fuck. Yours to eat. My pussy belongs to you.”
He slammed into her at the words and she mewled like a little cat. “Harder,” she demanded.
Just what the fuck he wanted to hear. He rammed his cock into her over and over, his balls banging against her hairy pussy, pulling cry after cry from her.
“I’m coming,” she breathed, her movements wild and frantic.
Megan gave as good as she got, fucking him to within an inch of his goddamn life and leaving him weak and sated when cum exploded from him and into her.
She collapsed on the floor and he stretched out over her, still connected to her, but careful not to rest all of his weight on her.  A minute passed before he withdrew from her, laid on his side, and pulled her into the crook of his arms.
He smoothed his hand over the top of her damp hair, then kissed her head. “I love you,” he told her.
“I adore you,” she answered, then breathed in deep. “In a few weeks, it’ll be five years since we had our church wedding.”
Yeah, but first, Christmas had to come, and then the new year. Once upon a time, the celebrations stopped there. Megan, however, made a big deal out of his birthday, too, which would also come before Valentine’s Day.
Yet, he knew their anniversary was important to her.
“Yeah, baby. I know, but coming up in seven months, six fuckin’ years since our first weddin’.”
She’d wanted their marriage blessed. Once she got him to agree to a church ceremony, she didn’t want to take any chances that he’d change his mind. Therefore, she wouldn’t wait until their one-year anniversary to renew their vows. That meant, they had two wedding anniversaries.
Last July, they really hadn’t done much to celebrate their first fifth anniversary.
“You wanna fuckin’ celebrate our church shit?”
“Would you object if I did?”
He sighed and looked down at her. She tipped her head up and grinned. “That depends on what the fuck it is,” he said, stealing a kiss from her. He could never, ever get enough of her.
“Actually, I’m not sure what it entails yet.”
A vision of himself in a monkey suit pranced through his mind. No fucking way. She couldn’t put him in another tux. He’d never fucking go for it. She could make faces with her pussy and he wouldn’t change his mind. However, he didn’t want her disappointed, so he came up with something else that might suit them both.
“Baby, I got a idea. How ‘bout both us motherfuckers come up with some fuckin’ ideas and we discuss this shit in a few fuckin’ days. Whoever the fuck come up with the best fuckin’ idea, that’s what the fuck we do.”
She lifted her head and grabbed a kiss from him. “Deal.”
They smiled at each other before she decided to straddle him. Her bare ass teased the head of his cock and her wet pussy brushed against his stomach. She caressed his abs. 
“I love to exercise with you,” she admitted for the hundredth time. “Seeing you in just sweats, with your muscled upper body out, turns me on so much.”
“You know what the fuck turns me on ‘bout you?”
Her eyes brightened and she giggled. “Everything.”
“Fuckin’ right, baby. Every-fuckin-thing.” He’d said it enough times that she should know that fucking answer. “But the biggest reason I stay turned on ‘round you is cuz of you, Megan. Your kind heart and your beautiful fuckin’ soul. You fuckin’ taught me how to fuckin’ be. You showed me the meanin’ of family. Without you, I ain’t a motherfuckin’ thing, baby.”
She laid her head on his chest. “Oh, Christopher. You say the most beautiful things to me.”
He tangled his hands in her silky hair. “I ain’t sayin’ fuck-all I don’t mean. It’s been a fuckin’ privilege and the greatest fuckin’ pleasure in the world, watchin’ you…” His voice trailed off and he sighed. “Watchin’ you grow up, baby. Yet, it ain’t matterin’ to you, cuz you still love me.”
She lifted her head and caught his gaze. “You’re my everything, Christopher. I’m the woman I am today because of you. You allowed me to come into my own. You knew that no matter how much I change, my love, adoration, and admiration for you and of you, never will. I love you with my whole heart and soul, and I will until I take my last breath.”
Her words were nothing she hadn’t said before. Yet, this time, a chill came over him. He hoped like fuck it was the adrenaline of the moment rather than a fucking omen of looming disaster. 

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

An Outlaw Valentine Playlist

Dear Beautiful People,

 I always listen to a vast array of songs as I write my stories. The playlist for An Outlaw Valentine has 50 songs. Some you may agree with and like. Others you may wonder just what the hell I was thinking when I chose the song. But each song I included in this playlist has a meaning to the story as a whole or to an individual character. We Are Family starts the playlist off because, no matter what the Death Dwellers go through, in the end, they are family and they stick together. Truffle Butter was chosen because...well, if you know what it is, once you read the story, I'm sure you'll figure it out. ;-) :-) That's What Friends Are For might have a double meaning. Sometimes, with certain friends, who needs enemies? Then, of course, there are the standards that I include in almost every Death Dweller playlist: Sex on Fire by Kings of Leons, for instance. I hope you enjoy the playlist. Let me know what songs you think are fitting and which songs don't seem to fit!


 Here is the playlist link so you can follow An Outlaw Valentine on Spotify. An Outlaw Valentine Playlist

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