Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Favorite Moments of the Royal Wedding

It's been 10 days since the royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and I still can't get the lovely ceremony out of my mind! Can you? Do you agree with my choices? What was your favorite moment?

1.) The princes chatting as the walked to the chapel.

2.) Meghan Markle & Doria Ragland in the Rolls Royce on the drive to the chapel.

3.) The gown.

4.)The veil.

5.) Meghan's entrance.

6.) The page boy's joy at hearing a trumpet for the first time.

7.)Prince Charles's chivalry to both Meghan and her mother.

8.) Prince Harry raising Meghan's veil and saying 'hi'.

9.) Bishop Curry's address.

10.) Stand By Me.

11.) When Meghan pushed her ring on with her pinky.

12.) The searing looks.

13.) The kiss.

14.) The carriage ride.

15.) The second kiss.

16.) The pageantry

17.) The second gown.

18.) Meghan leaning over and unlocking the door for Prince Harry.

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