Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pre-Order Specials and Outlaw's Dictionary

Dear Beautiful People,

Happy holidays! It's that time of year, where love, goodwill, book releases, and after Christmas specials are in the air. 

I'm officially putting my boys aside until the end of 2017 when I release the next generation of Death Dwellers. I know you've heard this before. It's the truth this time. Unfortunately, it's time for me to move on. Interest in the series has waned ::sniffle, sniffle:: I've thought of sharing parties and email campaigns, a laundry list of ways to introduce Christopher and company to more people. Paid advertising would work. For instance, to get more exposure via Facebook, I'd have to pay for the ads and my pocketbook is telling me hell to the no. News of the releases no longer automatically show up on feeds. This stopped a long time ago, but I'm feeling it keenly now as I tell my boys goodbye. Besides, I don't want to beat a dying horse and anger my fans. I have to spread my wings and try other things. This has been a hard and painful decision for me because I'm sure I could think of a couple of other stories for the Death Dwellers (or their friends...Dr. Will and Cameron from Mistrust, for instance). We all also know Christopher is always up to something. As Outlaw and his boys are retired, I wanted to honor them by making the complete series available in one awesome set. It's huge, with over a million words. If you know someone who likes MC romances and you like the Death Dwellers, please give a shout out for Christopher, John Boy, Val, Mortician, Digger, Cash, Stretch, and their lovely ladies. 

I couldn't end the series without telling the story of Mortician's mother-in-law, Roxy. In Mistrust, she finds herself being a cougar when Outlaw puts her on the case to discover the real reason that a new legal hire suddenly appeared. To Outlaw, Knox Harrington is suspect and is sending his alarm bells into overdrive. At 44, Roxy believes her chance at love has passed, so when sparks fly between her and 34-year-old Knox, she'd blindsided.

Finally, there's Outlaw's dictionary, a book where a lot of his sayings are contained in this single volume.

Thank you so much for all the love and support you've shown to me and my boys over the years. I hope you have a happy, healthy, and wonderful 2017.


Death Dwellers: The Complete Series

Release Date: January 1, 2017

$2.99 until 1/2/17

Join Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell, the men he calls brothers, and the women they love in tales of betrayal, hate, vengeance, and enduring love.

Misled – The newly installed club president falls for the daughter of the man he killed.

Misappropriate – The past resurfaces and threatens Outlaw’s future.

Misunderstood – A ghost from the past returns to haunt the club’s vice president.

Misdeeds – John Boy must choose the woman he loves or the club he’s pledged his allegiance to.

Misbehavior – The road captain has to face his demons before he loses the only woman he’s ever loved.

Misjudged – Tragedy has struck, leaving Outlaw to pick up the pieces.

Misguided – The club enforcer must choose between the bet he made and the love of his life.

Misalliance – John Boy faces a future alone.

Misconduct – The club’s sergeant-at-arms must convince Outlaw he didn’t betray him.

A Very Christopher Christmas – Outlaw wants a quiet holiday season.

Misfit – The club’s treasurer and explosive’s technician hide their relationship with Outlaw’s sister.

Mistrust – Club “mother”, Roxy, must help the club outwit a man Outlaw believes to be a cop.

Save $10.00 when you PRE-ORDER! Purchase for $2.99 until 1/2/2017. The complete series has 1,267,396 words! That's $0.0000023591 per word at the pre-order price and $0.0000102493 per word at the regular price of $12.99, starting 1/3/2017.

Mistrust Coming January 6, 2017

$0.99 until January 7, 2017

When Roxy Doucette meets the all too handsome, Knox Harrington, sparks fly. He's the new assistant to the club's attorney. However, Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell, the club's president, is suspicious of Knox's true reasons for being there. Something about Knox just rubs Outlaw the wrong way, therefore, he asks Roxy to get Knox into bed for some "pillow talk". At first, she's outraged at Outlaw's proposal, but accepts that he might be right and the club could be in jeopardy. She agrees to "date" Knox and the war of wills begin.
Born in wealth and privilege, Knox Harrington is a former police officer who has little regard for biker clubs. In particular the Death Dwellers, and ESPECIALLY the president. Now a private investigator, Knox is working on behalf of his uncle to bring Outlaw and the Dwellers down. The club members' nefarious deeds warrant their destruction. Knox intends to achieve that by any means possible.
When he meets the beautiful, formidable Roxy, there's instant attraction between them. However, he sees an opportunity to use her to ferret information about the club. He's over-the-top-arrogant, believing the ignorance and stupidity of Outlaw will ultimately be the club's downfall. Knox hasn't a clue that Roxy is on to him. She's also attracted to him. 
Aside from the safety of the club, Roxy's in it for the benefits. She has a new lease on life after surviving cancer. Besides Knox's low-down behavior, she's a 44-year-old, mother of four children and Knox is ten years younger than she is. However, she can't resist the challenge when Knox lets it be known that he's the sharpest tool in the shed. He sure the hell is a tool. The foolish kind and Roxy is determined to teach him a lesson or two.
Let the games begin.

Pre-order Price of $0.99. Regular price will be $3.99

Outlaw's Dictionary


Christopher had to say goodbye in his own unique way, with an illustrated book filled with his favorite sayings and in alphabetical order.

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