Tuesday, June 28, 2016

With love, from Kat

Dear Beautiful People,

 This is the end of the road for Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell and his brothers, the final story where club life centers around them.

The journey he’s taken me on since the moment he sauntered into my dream until today, has been an amazing one. He’s either loved or hated, as is his nemesis, Kendall. We inhabit Christopher’s world and he only lends page time—and my head space—to everyone else. The end result is the conclusion of Outlaw’s saga, featuring his sister’s love affair with two of his club brothers. Kendall features prominently in the story, doing what she does best—creating havoc.

For Kendall’s fans, her behavior may seem like a slap in the face for your loyalty. For her detractors, it’ll be triumph. For me, Kendall will always be one of my most misunderstood characters. At the closing of A Very Christopher Christmas, she wanted to return to her position at the law firm she’d been associated with since she was introduced.

Now, in Misfit, Ophelia will realize just how determined Kendall is to accomplish her goals. Kendall has always been, and will always be, an anti-heroine. I didn’t write her in that capacity. She was simply a woman who had a tough life and ended up with a severe mental illness. I have received a lot of messages and debate regarding just how responsible her depression is for her actions and general behavior.

Her role in Ophelia’s decisions won’t help win Kendall any brownie points. But Kendall will be true to herself to the end. I didn’t want to just throw any of the characters in for the sake of having them in the final book. I wanted each character to have relevance to the storyline, while having whatever loose ends still dangling, tied up.

Initially, my intentions were to include the family trees, characters sketches, and my favorite scenes in Misfit.

However, I saw some of the finer unresolved plot points in A Very Christopher Christmas that I knew I needed to address for my own peace of mind. Suddenly, in my head, Misfit couldn’t be a novella, so I added the information to the holiday novella.

As short as A Very Christopher Christmas was, Misfit is just as long. I kid you fucking not. Hopefully, you enjoy the journey as each character makes life and death decision that will lead to mayhem, mischief, and love that can withstand the test of bullets, blood, guts, gore, and time.

The following excerpts are subject to change
Misfit (C)2016 Kathryn Kelly

Cash half expected either Fee or Stretch to tell him to go and fuck himself. Fee wanted commitment and Stretch wanted exclusivity. He cared about both of them, wanted both of them.

That being the case, why point out that they could do so much better than what he offered? The onus to look out for himself rested on his shoulders. If they wanted to give, he’d take.

It made him an asshole, but his father’s behavior showed Cash the necessity of caring for himself. Parnell had walked away from Cash and his mother, threw money at them—in Parnell McCall’s mind, money solved everything—and went on with his life. He allowed Cash to visit his new family, though he’d never bonded with his children.

Perhaps, Cash’s early life had something to do with how he felt about relationships. His father was shit at relationships, to such an extreme that Cash’s stepmother committed suicide because of his father’s antics.

Cash liked fun. He enjoyed sex. Stretch wanted more, looking to Cash for happiness or completion. Looking for something. It scared the fuck out of Cash. Unwilling to take responsibility for Stretch’s emotions, he kept him at a distance. Then, Cash brought Fee into the relationship and really complicated the situation. He hadn’t given Stretch any say in the matter, as they’d agreed upon when they’d discussed choosing a woman.

The gene that linked Cash to Parnell also sealed his fate on commitment and fidelity.
Stretch gazed at Cash’s mouth, a moment before he stepped to him and gripped his cock.

In his eyes, Cash saw everything he should want—mainly love. A love he wasn’t quite sure he deserved, from either of them. The memory of his first time with Fee crystalized in his head. With Stretch, Cash had been drunk off his ass. A few weeks after they met, they were fucking.

He tried so fucking hard to stay away from Stretch and Fee, for two different reasons, but always ended up back in their arms.

He brushed his lips over Stretch’s, ignoring his inclination to go to Fee since Stretch laid claim to him with this maneuver.

Out of the corner of his eye, Cash saw Fee’s shoulders stiffen and her mouth tighten into a thin line.

“You finished fucking those girls, so now you’ve come to us,” she said, just to interrupt the moment.

He grinned in her direction. “I didn’t fuck those girls.” Smirking at her, he considered her from the top of her dark brown hair, pausing at her too small, almost indecent, skirt, before continuing to the short boots she wore on her feet. “Why take one of them when I have the two of you in here?”

Nostrils flaring, Stretch searched Cash’s face. Fee swallowed, relaxing again, accepting his story, her words stopping Stretch’s caresses.

He crooked his finger at her. She walked to him, allowing him to wrap an arm around her and tug her into an embrace. A gesture he mirrored with Stretch.

As much as he told himself he protected himself by staying in the relationship on his terms, his head hurt at the fucking wrongness of fucking over two people who refused to protect themselves.

One reason he’d stayed away from Fee. He wanted to safeguard her against him.

Of all the things he’d expected, he never thought she’d hunt him down. What should he do in this situation?

Searching his conscience, he stood in the embrace, quiet, listening to his thoughts.
“We love you.” Fee spoke the problem in a nutshell.

Cash didn’t know if he’d betrayed Stretch by bringing her into their relationship. Or if it was a natural progression. They both enjoyed women. They’d had several brief, meaningless threesomes. The difference was Fee wasn’t brief or meaningless. He’d also chosen her without Stretch, breaking their agreement to select a woman together.

He released both of them, familiar emptiness creeping in.

“I’m going back to the party,” he announced, affecting unconcern. Dealing with their jealousy towards each other wasn’t on tonight’s to-do list. It wasn’t present all of the time—most of the time—but when it was, it was hell. “Let me walk you to your car, Fee.”

Fee drew her brows together. Suddenly, her eyes brightened and she backed up to Stretch’s bed. The mattress hit the back of her legs, and she plopped down. Without pause, she unzipped each of her boots, then kicked them off.

“How do you turn your music on?”

Stretch looked as mystified at Fee’s behavior as Cash felt as he connected his phone to speakers and pulled up his music subscription service. “Any particular track?”

Mischief livened her face. “Anything I can strip to.”
“Ophelia,” Cash started in warning tones. If she ended up naked, he’d never be able to resist her. Pushing her away was already hard. “It’s time to go.”

Forgetting about the music and catching on to her intentions, Stretch sat next to her. They both glanced at him before tearing into each other’s mouths.

Cash needed to get the fuck out. If they wanted to fuck, he wouldn’t interfere. He’d watched them before, but then she made the little noise, where she lost herself to pleasure, in the back of her throat that tortured Cash.
Stretch unbuttoned her top and removed it. He unfastened her bra and slid it down her arms. His fingers looked so tanned and rough against her creamy skin.

Stretch took one of her apricot-colored nipples into his mouth. Throwing her head back, Fee threaded her fingers through his hair. She made that sound again.

Cash’s balls tightened and he gritted his teeth, reminding himself that he’d told them they could indulge in a secret affair on his terms.

He lived by the code of self first. Ignoring his rising cock, instead of crossing the room and fucking Stretch, went against his motto.

Stretch glided his fingers along Fee’s thigh, lifting his head to see his strokes. Their differences fascinated Cash, one so soft and delicate looking, the other hard and all man.

“Fuck, you’re bare beneath your skirt.” To prove his awed words, Stretch shoved her skirt above her waist, revealing her pussy.

Cash’s balls were beginning to fucking hurt. The conscience that had reared its ugly head faded to the background.

Stretch’s grunt cracked the last bit of Cash’s resistance. Completely fucking undone, he went to Stretch’s bedside table. Opening the drawer, he picked up a condom and the lubricant, laying it next to her head.

As Cash undressed, Stretch parted Fee’s thighs, dipping his head to her little clit. He stroked her from the top of her mound down to her ass, twirling his tongue around her rosebud.

Fee jerked at the contact, a rosy hue sweeping her body. Before Cash’s eyes, her pussy flushed. Desire glazed her brown eyes, capturing his attention.

She smiled at him, leaving him helpless to do anything else but return her smile. Eating her pussy, Stretch didn’t see the exchange or her tender regard.
In over his motherfucking head, Cash went to Stretch, lifting his shirt and stroking his back, his side, and along his stomach, all the way to his belt. He rubbed his hard cock against Stretch’s ass. Unbuckling his belt, he leaned into Stretch, kissing behind his ear, the scent of Fee making his hands shake.

“Undress,” he whispered against Stretch’s ear.

Cash had to repeat the command before Stretch complied by taking his shirt off and opening his jeans. His injuries shamed him, so he never undressed completely.

The moment he moved, Cash laid next to Fee and pulled her into his arms, planting his mouth over hers. He rubbed her pussy, massaging her clit with two fingers. She tasted so fucking sweet, Cash could kiss her all damn night.

Stretch climbed on the other side of Fee. Without the wall against his back, Stretch might’ve fallen flat on his ass in the queen-sized bed. He tweaked Fee’s nipple and grasped Cash’s hair, dragging his head up in a tight hold, taking the kisses for himself.

Fee scooted from between them, down Cash’s body to his cock. She didn’t take him in her mouth, licking his balls instead.

Times like this he wished for four hands. He didn’t want to stop touching Stretch, but he wanted to place his hands in Fee’s hair, urge her on as she sucked his dick.

He contented himself with touching one of Stretch’s cheek while attempting to reach for Fee. Fucking impossible, unless he sat up. Stretch pulled away, crawling behind Fee and raising her ass in the air.

Flipping Stretch a condom, Cash glared at him for not reaching for it himself. Fee could not turn up pregnant. He had a slew of reasons, the main one named Outlaw.

Cash risked life and dick by continuing to fuck her.

Once Stretch covered his cock, he sank into Fee. She moaned at the contact, her breath fanning Cash’s dick. The sight of Stretch’s pleasure, the sound of Fee’s relief from having a cock inside her, heightened Cash’s need. His hands finally free, he indulged in wrapping her hair around his fingers while she fucked him with her mouth.

The sound of her sucking him, Stretch’s and Fee’s bodies slapping together, the feel of the tip of his cock down her throat, sent Cash over the edge. It felt as if his cum travelled along his spine, to his balls, and out of his cock.

Fee swallowed his cum, then rocked her hips against Stretch. He pulled out of her and laid on his back, next to Cash.

“Ride me, Fee,” he instructed.

Brilliant fucking idea. “Face forward,” Cash told her. “And lean against Stretch.”

Once she obeyed his command, Cash settled between their legs. Fondling Stretch’s balls, he licked Fee’s pussy in long, slow strokes. When his tongue found its way down, it stole a few licks of the base of Stretch’s cock. But he would come, stimulated by Fee’s pussy. Cash used his mouth for Fee’s sake, so he concentrated on her clit, although he continued to play with Stretch’s balls.

Fee was soaked. The more Stretch fucked her, the faster Cash licked her, the juicier Fee’s pussy got.

Her body began to shake, her cries turning to screams as she came against Cash’s tongue. Beneath his hand, Stretch’s balls tightened. Stretch released a harsh grunt, then stiffened, his thrusts halting, although he kept his cock in Fee.

Now, Cash had a hard cock again while Fee and Stretch were satisfied. He kissed the inside of her thigh, allowing her a moment longer to catch her breath.

“We have to get you out of here, Fee,” he said, getting to his feet.

“Your cock’s hard again.” Stretch pointed out the fucking obvious.

Cash rolled his eyes. “No shit.”

Guiding Fee off his cock, Stretch climbed out of bed and approached Cash, resuming the kiss that had been interrupted earlier.

“I want you so bad,” Stretch told him.

Cash would come up with a better plan tomorrow. Through resisting them tonight, he guided Stretch back to the bed, who wasted no time lying next to Fee while Cash used the last condom. Just as he reached for the lube, Fee snatched it. Opening the bottle, she poured some into her hand. She rubbed against Stretch’s raised legs. Stroking his ass, she bent her head and took his cock into her mouth.

Much like Stretch had done earlier, Cash lifted her ass in the air and sank into her, sighing in bliss. Grasping her hips, he drove into her, not wanting to pull out of her, but doing so anyway.

“Move, minx,” he ordered.

Whining in protest, she rolled to her side. Seeing how well she’d prepared Stretch for Cash’s invasion didn’t stop him from entering slowly, giving Stretch time to relax.

“Come here, Fee,” Stretch said, pulling her to him. Positioning her pussy on his mouth, she faced Cash.

Tits bouncing, Fee rode Stretch’s mouth, never taking her eyes from Cash’s cock, stroking in and out of Stretch while she manipulated Stretch’s hard dick, working Cash into a frenzy. Fee paused in her own pleasure, jerking Stretch’s cock, thumbing the slippery head, squeezing his base, coaxing cum from him.

Sucking cum from her fingers, Fee grinded her pussy against Stretch’s mouth. The moment she came, Cash followed, groaning through his release.

Fee collapsed to Stretch’s side, while Cash fell against the footboard, their harsh breathing filling the air.

“Let’s try this shit again,” Cash said a few minutes later. “We have to get you out of here, Fee.”

“Okay,” she agreed.

They dressed in silence. What could be said? Their relationship was a secret one and both Stretch and Fee had issues of jealousy. Perhaps, Cash didn’t have those feelings because he didn’t see their triad going anywhere. He just had to get them to understand that.

Opening the door, Cash found this hallway deserted. A nursery was set up for the kids in one of the rooms, so motherfuckers didn’t fuck with this area. However, the action had spilled into the second hallway, and the one leading to the main room.

This late, the party had turned into a full blown orgy. Seeing him and Stretch leaving a room with a girl didn’t appear strange. Everyone would assume they’d fucked the girl. Fucking fine, if not for the girl’s identity. And Fee looked well fucked with her swollen mouth and flushed skin. Not to mention her fucking outfit that had motherfuckers leering at her.

He wrapped his arm around her, scowling at the fuckheads, and nodding to the Bob who’d been all over him earlier.
Ignoring the call Cash kept moving, fucking exhausted, mentally and physically. As soon as he got Fee to her car, he’d go to his room and crash.

“Hey, Cash. Wait, brother.”

It dawned on him who called his name and he dropped his arm from around Fee. Without stopping, he headed outside. If Slipper wanted to talk to him, the rancid fucker would follow, which he did.

“What are you doing with Prez’s sister?”

Cash stood downwind, so Slipper’s unwashed scent hit him hard.

“I was showing her my computer,” Stretch said, coming up behind Slipper and overhearing the question.

“We been looking for you two for hours.”

Hours, huh? Fucking unlikely. Ninety minutes ago, both Cash and Stretch had been circulating amongst the crowd.

Slipper’s sly look concerned Cash and pissed him off. “Come to find out you and Stretch was having fun with her.”

“No, fucker, we weren’t having the type of fun you’re thinking about,” Cash snarled. 


 Bracing his wife against the shower wall and gripping her legs, Christopher Caldwell bent to adjust to her height. She wrapped her legs around him, rolling her hips to stimulate her pussy. Steam rose around them, the water from the shower head drenching his clothes.

When he’d come into the bathroom to kiss her goodbye, he hadn’t intended to fuck her. He’d expected her to be blow drying her hair. Instead, he’d spied her through the shower door, her skin pink from the heat, her golden hair plastered to her head.

Unable to resist her, he’d removed his cut, then joined her, startling her for a moment. Until he’d cupped her tits and nuzzled her neck. She’d pushed her ass against him before turning. Seeing him clothed, she’d giggled. “You’re insane!”

Smoothing her hair out of her face, he hadn’t responded, just plastered his mouth to hers as he took his dick out. Now, he was seated inside of her. She tipped her head back, giving him access to her throat, her soft sigh music to his ears. He lapped the beads of water from her skin, his own hair saturated.

Each time he sank into her, she tightened her pussy muscles, urging him to a faster rhythm. His heart pounding as he lost himself in Megan, he threw his head back and came. Hard.

She laid her head on his chest, her breathing as erratic as his. He hadn’t meant to get off before she did, but, fuck, she drove him fucking insane.

Setting her on her feet, he stepped back and stroked her chin, smiling and humbled as always at the love shining in her eyes. He stole a quick kiss, securing his cock back in his jeans, then dropping to his knees. Throwing her leg over his shoulder and opening her pussy lips, he sniffed her, breathing in the scent of her soap and his cum.

He dragged his tongue over her clit, intending to give her a quick orgasm. The moment her fingers tightened in his hair and she moaned, he knew he’d feast at the altar of Megan for more than a few minutes. He didn’t lift his head until the water ran cold and she begged him to stop, too sensitive for him to make her come one more time.

Standing, he kept an arm around her waist, while turning off the shower.

“I’ma change, baby,” he whispered, when he thought she wouldn’t collapse in a fucking puddle, stealing a quick kiss.


Grinning at her dazed tone, he stepped out of the shower.

“Motherfuck me,” he grumbled at the large puddle forming. He was fucking soaked through and through. He considered the sofa on the other side of the room, directly across from the bath tub, then decided against it. The last time he’d fucked it up with water, he had to hire someone to remove the stains.

The shower door opened and he stepped aside, allowing his wife space to get out. He grabbed her towel.

“I’m makin’ a fuckin’ mess,” he said, holding the towel out to her.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I’ll clean up when I get back from brunch with Kendall.”

Deciding to hold his fucking opinion to himself about that bitch, he nodded. Towel wrapped around herself, she started to lift his T-shirt over his head, her fingers skimming over each spot she bared.
Christopher shivered. “Fuck, baby, stop!” he demanded, his cock still hard from when he’d eaten her pussy. He caught her fingers. “You start fuckin’ with me again and you ain’t ever gettin’ to the bitch. I mean the brunch.”

Pulling away, she rolled her eyes. “Behave.”

“What the fuck I’m doin’?”

She poked him in the chest. “Hello? Kendall.”

“I’m just fuckin’ sayin’,” he grunted.

After lifting Johnnie’s suspension over the holiday season, Christopher hadn’t said one fucking word to his bitch. She wasn’t going anywhere. Christopher had resigned himself to the fact that the fucking club was stuck with her. Johnnie loved her. How-fucking-ever. If Christopher didn’t talk to her, she might leave some of her fucking crazy behind and stop trying to get him to talk her.

Bitch still did little shit to annoy the fuck out of him and get his attention. Installing Fee in Kendall’s house would keep him clued the fuck in about what that bitch intended. He’d promised to pay for Fee’s degree, wherever she decided to go. Whenever she decided to go. Also, Kendall had a way of befriending motherfuckers and convincing them of her sanity. Christopher had warned Fee not to trust her, but Kendall cavorted with black magic and got into people’s heads, leading them to believe whatever the fuck she said. He fucking hoped Fee heeded his warning.

Neither Megan or Kendall knew of Fee’s fucking spying, so he’d play this carefully. He didn’t give a fuck what Kendall would think. But Megan? Yeah, she’d be fucking pissed.

He bent and kissed her again, frowning at the tension in her body. She’d been a relaxed little motherfucker before he brought up Johnnie’s bitch.

“You sure you okay, baby? I mean you don’t have to see that fuckin’ cunt today if you don’t want.”
Thinking back about the shit, he remembered when Megan had come home last week fucking furious. Something went the fuck on at that house. Something Fee hadn’t fucking told him, and still swore up and fucking down everything was a-fucking-okay. “I can stay the fuck home too. We can fuck some more.”

Pursing her mouth, Megan lowered her lashes, then gave him a fake smile. “Everything’s fine, Christopher.”

Bull-fucking-shit. He knew her too well to believe that. Megan no longer gave that bitch a pass for fuck-all was his sole consolation. Supposedly back on her fucking meds again, Kendall had no fucking excuse if she pulled fucking crazy shit.

Making sure she stayed drugged was Christopher’s main reason for encouraging Fee to work for Kendall, achieved by blurting out Megan intended to offer Fee a job position with her and Zoann. Kendall might’ve been better, but she remained a jealous psycho cunt, proven when Fee came to them a couple of days later and announced Kendall asked Fee to work for her.

Megan had been disappointed. Christopher doubted she suspected why Kendall really offered the job. It had nothing to do with not having an assistant like she’d had at the law firm, as she fucking said. It took a manipulating, calculating mind matching that bitch’s to pick up on the truth. She wanted to play her fucking games? Christopher was more than ready and equipped to match her move for move. Whatever it took to protect Megan, he’d do. He better not fucking regret installing Fee in the lion’s den.

Taking Megan’s face between his hands, he bent and kissed her again. “Wanna suck my cock real quick, baby?”

She stood on her tiptoes and nipped his chin. “Yeah.”

Just as she started to sink to her knees, the door opened, and CJ barreled in. Megan squeaked, nearly losing her balance and her fucking towel as she tried to stand straight. Christopher grabbed her waist, torn between amusement at the situation and irritation at the situation.

“’Law!” CJ skidded to a halt, blinking between the two of them. His little face scrunched. “Mommie, okay?”

She busied herself with her towel, refusing to meet their boy’s eyes, her face, chest, and shoulders, beet-fucking-red. “Fine,” she mumbled.

Squinting, CJ checked her, her shifting from foot-to-foot, not helping. He raised an accusing glare to Christopher. “Step away from the mommie, ‘Law,” he demanded, the phrase he’d made up both funny and mystifying.

“I’m fine, CJ,” Megan swore.

CJ ignored her, not giving a fuck about her reassurance. He glanced up-and-down, at Christopher, and frowned. What his boy thought, with him dripping fucking wet, who the fuck knew?

“My mommie, ‘Law.”

His kid stayed focused on the matter at hand. His ma. If he would’ve walked in while Christopher had been fucking Megan, CJ might’ve tried to beat his ass in the mistaken belief his ma was hurt.

“My wife, boy,” Christopher reminded him.

“You’re both right,” Megan said, stepping between them and kneeling, pulling CJ to her. “Daddy has to dry off.”

“Mommie's okay?” he asked, to be certain.

She nodded. “Perfect, buddy. I have two of my favorite guys in the whole world with me.”

Megan loved all their kids and would die to protect them. However, she adored CJ. He was her first-born and her favorite. If he ever told her that, she’d deny it to high fucking heaven. No fucking matter. The way she treated CJ gave her away.

CJ pointed at Christopher, then screamed with laughter. “You all wet.”

Recovered now that she’d rescued her towel, Megan’s amusement joined their boy’s. “Daddy’s silly, huh, sweet potato?”

He nodded. “Uh huh.”

She kissed his cheek.

CJ grabbed her wet hair and lifted the long strands in the air before letting it fall. From the time CJ had been a baby, he’d loved Megan’s hair. No, he’d loved her.

He scooted toward the shower. “My turn!”

Christopher caught him before he jumped in and started the water. “No the fuck it ain’t.”

“Why you all wet, ‘Law?”

Glancing over her shoulder, Megan smirked at him. “Yes, why are you all wet, ‘Law?”

“Cuz Mommie said I needed to try gettin’ in the shower with my clothes on, boy.”

She shot to her feet. “I did not!”

Dripping to her, he grabbed her neck and pulled her to him, kissing the top of her head, holding in his laughs at her hilarious outrage. “Just fuckin’ kiddin’, CJ. I came to tell your ma bye and…” His voice trailed off. He couldn’t tell his young son that she looked so fucking gorgeous, he hadn’t been able to control his dick. “And she couldn’t fuckin’ hear me over the water, so I stepped in and got all fuckin’ wet.”

CJ glanced at the shower, and Christopher anticipated the big fucking mess CJ would create.

“Later tonight I’ll let you try it,” Megan promised, just as Christopher knew she would.

CJ bounced around the room. “Rule and Ryder, too?”

“Ryder just four fuckin’ months old.”

“Ryder ain’t doing this?”

Christopher frowned at CJ’s question. His boy tried to imitate him in all things, even speech. As a result, Christopher attempted to speak as his teachers had tried to impress upon him. He just hadn’t been able to stand the thought of Logan having one fucking more thing to tell him he wasn’t good enough at. In essence, he wasn’t Johnnie, so Christopher had forged his own way in every aspect of his life.

While he was too fucking old to truly change, he could try to talk a little better for the sake of his kids. He still cut out the ‘g’s most of the time and fucked up other parts of correct English. He’d never be a Shakespeare motherfucker, but his children? They’d be everything he’d never been.

“Ryder can’t do this,” Christopher reminded his son. “He a…he’s a small baby.”

It was Christopher’s turn to avert his eyes at Megan’s look. Not her love and adoration. He’d never get enough of that message in her eyes. It was her understanding and encouragement over correcting himself that got to him. She insisted CJ would learn in school.

“As long as you’re doing this for you, Christopher,” she’d said, loving him just as he was.

In a way he was doing it for himself. If he was remembered for nothing else when he became a Free Bird, he wanted Megan to say he’d been a good husband to her and a good father to their kids.

“C’mon, ‘Law.” CJ grabbed his hand and tried to yank him forward. “Let’s go. I ready to leave. I wanna shower with my clothes.”

Today was boys’ day out. With no urgent business, he, CJ, and Rule always met Johnnie and Rory, and Val, Ryan, and Devon, at the park twice a month for father/son bonding. Usually, CJ looked forward to the playdate. Now, though, Megan had just given him a reason to hurry shit along.

“We got a long day, son,” Christopher told him. “Playin’ at the park with your cousins and then food.”

Sometimes, when he thought about how his life had been compared to now, it amazed the fuck out of him. No one would believe a bunch of fucking bikers would bring their sons to a fucking park, like women at a stroller meet. But, fuck, when he bit it, he wanted his children to remember he’d taken the time to be their dad. Even if going to a fucking park twice a month bored the living fuck out of him. To liven shit up, he couldn’t fuck with his old friends, Herb and Al, until afterwards, either.
A Torpedo fuckhead who’d survived the bombing at their old MC had reached out to Christopher several times, requesting help. Christopher wasn’t interested in forming an alliance with a club that had gone from friend to foe. He’d never trust their intentions. Riley had checked into the Noah motherfucker, finding nothing that would make Christopher want to kill him. He’d decided to take a wait and see approach.

“Hurry, Daddy!”

“I gotta find dry clothes,” he reminded his son.

“I'll help,” CJ promised, not releasing his hand.

He’d miss CJ when he started school in the fall, so Christopher wouldn’t balk at the offer. He’d take all the time he could get with his son, before he began the next chapter in his young life.

“Have fuckin’ fun, baby.”

“I will. I love you,” she added, as she always did.

“I love the fuck outta you.”

It didn’t matter that they said those exact words at least twice a day, it never got old. Life changed on a dime. Although shit had gotten good again with the extinguishing of all their enemies, he’d still take no chances. A motherfucker never knew what the next fucking moment brought. If he was fucked up in the next minute, he never wanted Megan to fucking forget how much he loved her.


 Fee wanted to kick herself for not leaving the moment Cash spelled out his terms, without considering either her or Stretch. They’d both just accepted what Cash said.

Was love that blind? Or did their situation with Cash blind them to reality? The only time they were all ever on the same page was with sex. This time, Cash had resisted. Well, as much as he could, which wasn’t much at all.

He’d been too happy to get rid of her when another woman came along before Fee had even left. He’d made an obligatory call to her, a few minutes after she arrived home, to check on her safety, then hung up.

Gritting her teeth, she cursed under her breath. Stressing over the situation, and still not finding a solution, bruised her self-esteem. Cash needed to sort things out in his head to realize what a real relationship entailed. In the meantime, if he stayed stuck on stupid, she’d move on from both him and Stretch. Eventually.

Kendall snapping her name brought her attention back to the situation at hand. She forced awareness into her brain and turned to her cousin-in-law.

“Meggie will be here in about thirty minutes.”

“For your weekly brunch, right?”

Sliding Fee four envelopes, Kendall smiled. “It is Monday, isn’t it?”

“If yesterday was Sunday, then today is Monday,” Fee responded.

Dressed in yoga pants, Kendall brushed some of her red hair behind her ear. “In that case, you know it’s the weekly brunch, silly.” She pointed to the envelopes. “Those are invitations. I’ve marked off the party Johnnie and I will attend. Please RSVP with an acceptance. There’s two to decline. The fourth one doesn’t deserve a response.”

She walked across the room to her desk and sat, firing up her computer, while Fee got to work at her desk.

“Once you’re finished, I need you to research a precedence for the case I’m working on.”

Fee had been looking for a position and Kendall offered her the job as her assistant. Christopher dented Fee’s intentions to refuse by asking her to take Kendall’s offer and report back to him any suspicious goings-on. He wanted her watched. He especially wanted to know if she stopped her meds.

Not having a legal background, Fee had hesitated, but capitulated at Christopher’s and Kendall’s insistence. Kendall didn’t know the role Christopher played in Fee’s decision. All for guaranteed tuition for college when she had yet to decide if she’d ever go back to school.

The weeks she’d been on the job Kendall showed herself very patient with Fee as she learned the ropes. Knowing she was in the house to spy sent Fee’s guilt through the roof. She’d heard a lot about Kendall’s mischief. Zoann remained furious with her for the role she’d played in Val’s near death several months ago. However, that drama didn’t taint Kendall’s and Fee’s relationship. Luckily, Kendall had done nothing for Fee to report to Christopher. Other than refusing each and every job offer she’d received. Nothing noteworthy so she stayed silent. Christopher’s main goal was to make sure Kendall followed her doctor’s orders, which she was, as far as Fee knew.

“Mother!” Rory called.

“In here, son,” Kendall responded.

A moment later, the tow-headed little boy rushed in, somewhere between running and walking. Unlike Kendall’s fiery red hair, Rory’s blond locks were shiny and straight. He looked so much like his father, Fee giggled every time she saw them together.

“Mother, CJ is at the park.” The excitement in his words gave away his anticipation.

Kendall’s insistence that her three-year-old son refer to her as “mother” was hilarious. If it made her happy, then Fee was ecstatic. Rory had diction out of this world and spoke better than some five-year-olds.

“Sorry, Mrs. Donovan.” Ella bustled in. “This one got away from me while I was putting Matilda down for her nap. He’s been talking about CJ all morning. He thinks that little ruffian is setting foot in this house.”

Kendall darted her gaze between her nanny and Fee. “Fee’s here.”

“Oh, goodness!” Ella placed a hand on her chest and laughed. “CJ’s a lovely boy. He’s just a little rambunctious.”

“I want CJ, Mother,” Rory whined, turning a pleading gaze to Kendall.

“Dad is going on a playdate with you.”

He bowed his head. “Yes, ma’am.”

Slamming her laptop closed, Kendall huffed. “CJ will be there.”

Rory squealed and hopped up and down. “CJ, CJ, CJ,” he chanted.

Ella held out her hand. “Come, Mr. Rory. Let’s find you suitable clothes.”

“Johnnie likes him in jeans. Remember?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Did you finish RSVP’ing?” Kendall asked when they were alone again. She grabbed a bottle of water from the edge of her desk and drank.

“About CJ.”

“Don’t, Fee.” She plastered a smile on her face. “I have nothing against that child. Ella is just a little protective of Rory and Matilda. That’s why I love her so much. You’ll understand when you become a mother.”

“I want kids soon,” Fee admitted.

“You need a man first.”

Heat rose in Fee’s cheeks at Kendall’s sardonic assessment and she bit on her lip, once more thinking of Cash and Stretch.

“Oh my goodness,” Kendall cried, mistaking her crestfallen expression. “I didn’t mean that in a bad way, so let’s drop it while I freshen up my appearance.”

She opened her drawer and pulled out a tube of lipstick, using the camera on her phone to apply it while Fee finished her calls.

Completing her makeup application, Kendall frowned in Fee’s direction. “It must be hard for you.”
Fee slid her chair back. “What’s hard for me?”

“You’re so cute. Girl-next-door.” Kendall laughed breezily. “Living in the shadow of a gorgeous sister like Zoann. Then Meggie comes along and steals Zoann’s thunder, pushing you even further in the shadows.” She smiled at her camera and snapped a photo. “As I said, it’s so hard.”

“There isn’t a competition going on.”

Kendall got to her feet, tall even without shoes on. “We’re friends, right?”

Doubtful, if they judged by this conversation. “If you say so.”

“Of course we are. You’ve only been with me a couple of months. I’ve been rather distracted with that divorce case. Now, I have time so you’ll get to know the real me. Please don’t let me intimidate you.” She walked to Fee and grabbed her hands. “I’m very open and honest. Aboveboard. I understand you’re softer than Zoann, but you have to get out of her shadow one day. Right?”

“I’m not intimidated by you.” She wanted that point clear. “I can deal with your dominating personality.” She’d dealt with her brother and sisters her entire life. “I can’t help it if you think I’m stunted by my sister’s success. Her life is hers. I’m finding my way again. I’m forging ahead for my future. That’s why I wanted to move away from my brother’s house.”

Kendall tittered. “Meggie’s house.”


“Didn’t you know? Christopher put everything in her name.”

Kendall made it sound like the most important tidbit of the day. “I didn’t know that. But how’s that my business? Or yours?”

“It’s our business because it explains everything. It pisses me off how he treats her and expects everyone else to treat her.”

“She’s his wife. How should he treat her?”

“Never mind,” she said with a dismissive wave. She leaned in closer and dropped her voice. “If you want to know anything, come to me. I have the 411 on everybody in the club. All the dirty little secrets.”

Kendall knew all the secrets? Fee wondered if she could give her any insight into Cash and Stretch. On the other hand, she couldn’t blurt about their relationship, given the fact that Cash and Stretch engaged in sex, too. Such a discovery could be bad.

Stretch had almost gotten killed for just that reason.

“Did you hear that a dude from that club where the bombing happened has been trying to contact Christopher?”

Studying her nails, Kendall plastered a smile on her face. “What club?”

“The Torps, I think. Some kind of stupid name.”


“That’s it. I guess they shorten it to Torps.”

“Do you know the firm I worked for once represented them? I served as co-counsel with one of the partners.”

“Oh my goodness.” What wonderful stories Kendal must’ve had to share. “That must’ve been so exciting. How did you all come to represent the Dwellers?”

“Long story,” Kendall said indifferently. “One for another time. I’ll tell you a different secret in its place.” She looked over her shoulder and all around. “I didn’t realize the Torp had already made contact with the Dwellers. Charlotte Redding confided in me that a group of scattered members called on Brooks. I offered a few suggestions on how to make the meeting happen. As usual, my ideas were so impressive, they put me back on the payroll. Secretly, of course. However, Charlotte and I are working on a way for the firm to rehire me.”

After all the problems Kendall’s interference had caused, less than five months ago, her words stunned Fee. “Are you kidding me? You can’t work there again. Christopher forbade it! You’re going to get yourself, Charlotte, and Brooks killed.”

“Oh, please,” Kendall scoffed. “Brooks said your brother had the opportunity to shoot him in the head and fired into his shoulder. Outlaw isn’t going to lay a hand on any of us. I even hand-picked another attorney to take my place as the club’s co-counsel.”

“Kendall, I don’t like this. This sounds so dangerous. If you’re going behind his back and talking to a rival club, Christopher will see this as a betrayal. And what will Johnnie say?”

“Don’t you want to know who I chose to take my place?”

“Not really.” The less she knew, the less she’d have to report to Christopher, and thus endanger Kendall.

“Simmy Charles,” Kendall said, as if Fee hadn’t spoken. “Charlotte and Brooks’s son-in-law. Isn’t that a brilliant move? Simmy and I are friends, so the choice was easy.”

“Please, be careful,” Fee implored. Over the past weeks, she’d come to see Kendall as a friend. She didn’t want anything to happen to her. Betraying Christopher with a rival club guaranteed her death.

“As the head of the family, my brother will forgive a lot of things, but not dealing with a known club rival.”

“Have I misjudged you? This is between you and me. I’d never put my husband or his club in jeopardy.”

All over again, Fee’s guilt resurfaced. This was information Christopher needed to know. But everyone in the club seemed untrusting of Kendall. If someone showed themselves as a real friend to her, Kendall might do what she must.

“No,” Fee responded. “You haven’t misjudged me. I hope I haven’t misjudged you.” Christopher would be so furious with her if he discovered she withheld this. But Kendall needed something to do. Something to make her happy. Her career was that something. Fee hoped it wouldn’t backfire. “Don’t put my brother and his club at risk.”

“If he’s at risk, then so is Johnnie.” She turned and stomped away. “Check in with Jane to make sure everything is ready for Meggie’s arrival.”

“Fine. Be right back.”

Kendall’s voice halted Fee. “You do understand why I can’t allow you to sit with us?”
In all the weeks Fee had been working for Kendall and excluded from the brunches, this was the first time she’d thought to ask how Fee felt. “Yes.”

“You don’t mind it, do you?”

The hesitancy in Kendall’s voice sounded more like the woman Fee had come to know.

“What difference does it make? I work for you, but we’re family. If that was important, you’d consider that. I understand you want to keep this professional. During business hours, I’m only your employee.” Kendall’s initial shooing shocked Fee and outraged Meggie so much that she’d left. The next week, Fee swore she’d already eaten.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you, but Ella and Jane were sent by Charlotte. She took time out of her busy schedule to find a nanny and a maid for me. I can’t disappoint her by being gauche enough to let my assistant eat with me on the clock. Don’t be mad. She’s like a mother to me.”

“I thought Roxy was like a mother to you.” Fee liked the club enforcer’s mother-in-law. She’d heard about Charlotte Redding but had never met her. If she offered Kendall this type of awful advice, Fee didn’t want to meet her.

“Roxy is like a mother to me, when she’s here, but she deserted me to go back to New Orleans, until the end of the summer. She hasn’t once called me to check in.”

That didn’t sound like Roxy at all. She’d taken a special liking to Kendall, so there had to be a reason for her lack of contact.

“You should call her,” Fee suggested. “Something might be wrong.”

“I did call her and she brushed me off. Talked to me less than a minute before saying she was busy.” Hurt crossed Kendall’s features before she tightened her jaw. “I’m used to it. My own mother never had time for me. Why would someone else’s mom want me?”

Despite the lightness in Kendall’s tone, Fee detected her heartache. She’d never been in such a position. Her own mother had doted on her, as had her brother and sisters. Still, Fee recognized the loneliness in Kendall’s statement. She, too, felt alone amongst her remaining family and their friends.
Kendall nodded to the door. “I need you to check to make sure that Jane has bagels and lox ready.”

“Meggie doesn’t like lox.”

“Such a simple girl. I guess Christopher doesn’t like it so she doesn’t.” She giggled. “He probably doesn’t even know how to spell it.”

“Whoa, back up. First, you insulted CJ, a child. Now, you’re disparaging my brother. You can’t do that around me.”

Shame crossed Kendall’s face. “You’re right. But I’m just joking. Another thing you’ll find out now that I’m not so stressed with the case. I’m a real cut-up.”

Fee faked a loud laugh, then abruptly stopped and glared at Kendall. “Christopher happens to like lox and caviar.”

“He does? Not even Johnnie likes caviar.”

Fee shrugged, wondering if this was Kendall’s true character, or if she was having an off day, as everyone did at one time or another.

She wouldn’t even consider Kendall’s words about being the-girl-next-door and living in Zoann’s shadow. Without anyone else contributing to her insecurities, she’d felt that way all on her own for years. In the kitchen, she found Jane serving tea to Ella. She was a plump woman, too severe to be a nanny to young kids. Both her and Jane were older, matronly types, who wore gray and white uniforms that matched their gray and white hair.

Two silver trays, covered in clear plastic wrap, sat on the kitchen counter. The smaller one contained the lox, the bigger held a small mountain of bagels. Small silver dishes with sour cream, chives, and something unidentifiable surrounded the trays. A large bowl of fresh mixed fruit was also there.

“May I help you?” Jane’s polite question drew Ella’s attention.

Fee smiled. “Kendall sent me in here to make sure everything is ready for Meggie’s arrival.”

Mouth pinched, Jane nodded to the trays and bowls.

“Erm, okay.” She stood like a doofus, wondering should she have Jane set the trays in the dining room. Should she do it herself? Usually, administrative work kept Fee busy, so Kendall handled her staff. Considering her next move, she studied the kitchen, wondering why it resembled the one in her brother’s house. The minor details were telling. Whereas the center island in the other kitchen had stools in a semi-circle at one end, the center island here lacked any evidence that company was welcomed during food preparation. Cabinet styles matched in design, but Kendall had decorated her kitchen with dark wood, dark countertops, and dim lighting, giving a dramatic, sexy effect.

If she had her own house, Fee decided she’d choose colors and lighting somewhere in between.

“Is there anything else you need?” Jane asked, hands on hips.

Fee frowned at the woman’s attitude. “Kendall wants you to put the food out.”

“Did she tell you that?”

“No,” Fee admitted. “But it is time for it to go out, so get it done.”

“Out, missy. I’d never tell you how to do your job. Don’t tell me how to do mine.”

Kendall breezed in, and halted, looking from Fee to Jane. “What’s taking you so long, Fee?”

“Nothing.” Fee swept her hand toward the food. “As you can see, Jane has everything under control.”
She wouldn’t play tit-for-tat with Jane.

Silence met her statement, as Kendall continued to divide her regard. She offered Jane a small smile.
“You do understand this woman is my assistant?”

Lifting her chin, Jane cleared her throat. “Yes, ma’am.”

“That means if she’s in this kitchen for me, you’ll give her due accordance. Am I clear?”


As usual, I have so many people to thank, starting with my readers. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for loving my boys as much as you do. Thank you for having a Team Outlaw and a Team Kendall. You’ve entertained and humbled me with your loyalty to your favorite characters.

The day after I met Christopher in my dream and I sat down to write about him and the girl who’d rock his world, I never expected the response I got. Over the years, I’ve been asked on several occasions why didn’t I make Meggie older or pair Outlaw with Kendall. Then, as now, my answer is the same. Christopher needed someone completely opposite from him. Meggie was young and innocent enough to give him pause and make him want to protect her. Though he fought every step of the way when they first met, she changed him. For the first time, he saw the world through the lens of a person who looked for good and not bad. As for him and Kendall being together, they are too much alike. They would’ve killed each other before I wrote the end.

Once again, thank you for all your comments and your reviews, good or bad. You gave my characters a chance.

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