Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Outlaw's Letter

Curious to know the contents of the letter Christopher handed Megan? Read below to discover his heartfelt words.

My Megan,

You roared into my life at full throttle and I’ll never forget the evenin I first gazed into your big, blue eyes. My world stopped in that moment. I didn’t realize you would become by everythin. The air I need to breathe and the angel who gives me a soul.

You accept me for who I am. Flaws and all. You believe in me even when I have a hard time believin in myself. You trust me. Your smile makes me believe I can conquer the world. You make me laugh. You make me think. You make me hot. You make me angry.

You make me feel.

You and me, we have each other’s backs. No matter how many times we fall, we lift each other up. My heart, my soul, my life rests in the palms of your hands. No matter what you face, I have you, baby. I’ll be your strength. Your rock. Your man.

Your Outlaw.

In your arms and in your body, you carry the best of me. The children you give to me are my pride and joy and I’m in awe that we’ve created somethin so perfect that’s a piece of me. You’ve given me that. You’re a wonderful mother, a sexy wife, and a great friend.

I’m not a hearts and roses type of man, Megan. I’m hard and rough, rude and crude. This letter took hours to do because I wanted to give my girl somethin she deserves, not what I know and what I’m used to.

But, for you, I’m willin to compromise and look up the correct spellins and grammar to send you a letter once a year, on our anniversary, the day I became the luckiest man in the world and put my ring on your finger.

I love you.


p.s. I’m fuckin Outlaw, too. You said that shit yourself and he gotta send you a letter to, baby. Anyway, this was my original letter ‘til the boys told me you might chain up The Promised Land again. Can’t have that shit. Ever a-fuckin-gain.


You have the best pussy in the world. I love that you now a freaky little nympho. I love fuckin you and lovin you and havin you in my life. I’m the luckiest motherfucker alive to call you mine.

I love the fuck outta you, baby.






Monday, February 17, 2014

Misappropriate Teasers by Crystal Cuffley

I think I have posted all the teasers on Facebook that Crystal created. At any rate, here they are:


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 9: The Big Countdown


“Do you realize how inappropriate this is, Mr. Caldwell?” the priest sputtered.

He had to give it to the old geezer. He was determined to show he had balls. Motherfuckers might be useless but they were big.

“Don’t give a fuck if it’s misappropriate or not.” He narrowed his eyes at the priest. “I’m the most misappropriate motherfucker you’ll ever meet, so this ain’t nothin’ but a thing.”

Johnnie cleared his throat and beckoned Christopher closer. Probably to complain about his bad language to Father Wilcunt.

“What, fuckhead?”

“Er, Outlaw,” he whispered. “Misappropriate isn’t the right word. That means misuse of shit. Inappropriate means not suitable—“

“The word mean whatever the fuck I want it to mean, motherfucker,” he snarled, jerking away from his cousin. “Don’t need you to give me no fuckin’ definitions.” He knew Johnnie only wanted him to make as much of a good impression on Father Wilcunt as possible, but that fucking shipped had sailed. The man didn’t like him and he didn’t like the man. Besides, it reminded Christopher of his 9th grade education. It reminded him he didn’t speak the proper English cuz he’d been more interested in street smarts.

That boat had floated, too, and he was what the fuck he was.

He scowled at Father Wilcunt, who continued to glower.

Countdown to Release: Day 10 Teaser

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