Sunday, December 21, 2014

What happened to the year?

I'm still reeling that 2014 has about ten days left. Are you? I leave it behind a little sadder, but, hopefully wiser. I've gone through several resolutions, but haven't been able to settle on one. Mainly because I'm so terrible at them. I figure why wait until the new year? If you need to make a change, just do it.

A quick update: I have the stitches removed from my shoulder and neck this coming Tuesday. Woot! I have been asked to make an appointment with a breast specialist. The mammogram and subsequent ultrasound showed a mass and they think it's benign. I really wish they'd remove all doubt, but I'm working with that I have. Besides, I've been told cancer doesn't hurt and since I've been having pain, I take that as an encouraging sign. Due to the pain, however, I may need surgery to remove the mass. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, my GYN has to check abnormal ovarian cells.

As you can see, I've just been having allllll kinds of fun that has kept me from logging on.

Claire is an awesome PA, so if you need anything from me (or her), let her know. AND if I haven't sent something to anyone that I should've sent, please email me at with what I haven't mailed or emailed. We'll get it taken care of. The last few weeks have been a little tough, but nothing is smooth sailing all the time. :-)

Finally, I've been going over in my head a way to show my appreciation to y'all. Inferno will be out in a few weeks. At least I hope so. I'll know better once I gone to another round of doctors. Blah. Bleh. As soon as Crystal designs the cover and we set up a cover reveal, I will pass along more information. Misconduct (the last full novel in the Death Dwellers MC series) will be out in late April. I'm so excited to have DeLonn Donovan on its cover. We will schedule the reveal soon. Crystal has already designed an awesome cover for it.

Meanwhile...I HAVE to finish Johnnie's and Kendall's storyline. I owe it to them because they deserve their HEA. In doing so, I hope I've found a way to show my appreciation to my readers, fans, friends and family.  Misalliance should be available by Valentine's Day. It'll be a novella and I'm going to offer it FREE indefinitely. I'm not anticipating any problems with Amazon or any of the other retailers because of my decision, but I'll keep you informed.

I wish all of you peace, love and happiness and much prosperity for 2015.

Happy holidays!

Love, Kat


  1. Sweet! Looking forward to 2015! I am praying for you Kat! Hope you get positive results and you feel better soon!

  2. Totally looking forward to 2015 it'll hurt less I hope...I'm sending love and hugs

  3. I hope that things are going well!!


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