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Author Interview - Abbie Carlisle

Alana Bayer has lived a life no one should have to suffer. Imprisoned, her life is no more than an empty existence. The love she once knew is a distant memory until her heart is awakened by a tall, handsome stranger, but can she trust him? If she does, will it cost her the one thing she's been trying to protect for years? Jonah, the First Lord of The Mist, knows nothing but protecting his race. He doesn't want or need a female in his life and has learnt that love only causes pain. Everything changes when he's captivated by the beautiful female of his dreams. Can he forgive her enough to love her? As the war with The Phoenix League grows stronger, Jonah must do whatever it takes to protect the one who has stolen his heart. Even if it costs him his life. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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Name: Abbie Carlisle

Describe your writing style in three words…….

Senses, emotional, perspective

Which is your favourite chapter that you have written and why?

That is so difficult to choose. One of my favourite chapters is from my current book ‘Jenson’s Honor’ which is due out in September. Jenson is preparing a meal for Emilia, his intended mate, but his culinary skills are appaulling. He pretty much attacks a loaf of bread, hacking off chunks and Emilia has to come to the rescue. Emilia tells him that she will teach him to cook but will not clean up after him. Jenson points to an area in the kitchen and tells her that it will clean for him. Emilia stares at a cupboard dumfounded (she’s not been in the real world for 50 years) and says to Jenson ‘It’s a cupboard Jenson’ to which he falls about laughing. He then tells her it’s a dishwasher. The scene is lighthearted and comical which shows the character’s many layers of emotions. While stories are built on conflict and resolution, it’s good to have humor in books as it allows readers to experience all the emotions that the characters are feeling. Getting the balance is a key aspect to keeping readers engaged.

Is there a message in your novel/novels that you want your reader to grasp?

All of my books have a thread of powerful emotions. Love can break through fear, doubt and anger and happiness is obtainable even through adversity. Life is for living and grasping at opportunities that don’t always appear when you expect them to. Most importantly, protect and cherish the ones you love.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

The world of writing is both arduous and rewarding. When you write, remember that we learn through what we see, hear, sense and feel in our hearts. When you read a book, you need to be able to picture the scenes in your mind and understand how the characters are feeling. Description and comparing things allows the reader to form a visual picture from the written words they read, and allows them to become immersed in the story. Never give up, even when you feel you have no ideas or inspiration. We all have blocks from time to time, walk away, give yourself a break and return to it in a few days. Join groups on Facebook – there are lots of fantastic Authors out there who can help with promoting, queries and sometimes just to let you know how fantastic you’re doing. Lastly, believe in yourself and be proud of what you’ve achieved. To write a book is an amazing achievement.

If you could meet one of your own characters who would it be and why?

I would like to meet Elijah, the King of the Mist. Apart from being extremely handsome with the most amazing vibrant blue eyes, I would like to greater understand his feelings on being the leader of his race. He has a remarkable ability to listen and understand the emotional conflicts of his Lords and supports them to resolve their problems. Even though he was raised without his parents, he has a sense of loyalty that is astounding. Where did he gain such character and honor? I’d like to get a greater insight into how difficult it is to have such responsibility for his Lords, their mates and ultimately his race and how he will ensure their future survival. How will he deal with threat that intends to destroy them?

Most embarrassing moment?

I was travelling home from work and fell asleep on a train. I woke up thinking Id missed my station and jumped up from my seat. I unfortunately lost my balance and fell on top of the person in front of me. I couldn’t stop apologizing as I gathered myself up from his lap, trying to hide my embarrassment. From that moment, I always made sure I never fell asleep on a train again.

Quick fire:
Hard or Soft? - Soft
Early bird or Night owl? - Night Owl
Coffee and Tea? - Coffee
Right handed or Left handed? - Right handed
Cake or Cookies? - Cake

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