Monday, August 29, 2016

Reapers Creed MC: Damon's Salvation by Ana Rosso

When Reapers Creed's single, sexy VP, Damon, has one night with a trick, the impossible becomes reality. Lyra, a slave for Los Diablos MC, needs to find a way to escape her terrible life. One night she gets offered to please a client. Can she work this to her advantage? Get the freedom she desperately wants?

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Ana Ross was born and raised in a Caribbean island surrounded by sun and beautiful beaches. Give her mountains, silence, cold weather, canvases, paint, and a bunch of books, and she's happy. She loves happy endings, romance, fairy tales, and alpha males. She's always dreamed of putting her thoughts and dreams on paper. She wanted to share her happy place where everything is possible and the sky is the limit. She has everything in the world that you can dream of. A lovely husband, three amazing kids, two annoying cats, and four dragons (bearded dragons but still dragons). She also has great friends and the rest of the world to share her passion with.

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