Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lost in Audio

Dear Beautiful People,

I won't take too much of your time. I'm just so excited that Misled is finally out in audio. For me, my journey began at the beginning of the year. I've flip-flopped for months, YEARS, about whether I should have the Death Dwellers made into audiobooks. You guys kept asking, though, so I couldn't continue to ignore the requests. With an extra nudge from a friend who messaged me and said she'd really love to see Misled on audio, I finally did what I needed to do.

I think my hesitancy stemmed from not knowing if a narrator would want to produce the subject matter. Memories of Misled being removed a couple of days after it first went on sale in 2013 follow me. It has left me a little guarded.

However, I live by the creed if you don't ask, you don't know, AND if you try and fail, at least you've tried. Therefore, I sucked in my reservations and started the process.

I used my amazon account to sign in to ACX.com, the site akin to KDP, only for audio. Listing the book took 20 minutes, tops. You do a search on Amazon for the book in question. Once you find your title, a screen pops up and gives your 3 options. Of course, I chose the I'm looking for someone to narrate option. That meant, I had to put my book up for audition. There are a few more steps, including uploading an audition script, then the full manuscript, and a cover. Within a day, I'd gotten a response. I was as excited then as I am now. I chose the royalty share option, which splits all royalties 50/50 with one narrator.

You might be wondering why I'm speaking of the business side of the process. First of all, because I'm excited. Second, there may be authors out there who want to have their books turned into an audiobook. Third, there may be someone who would like to become a narrator. ACX.com is the place to go.

WOW! Misled is on audio! I can't stop smiling. Even if I am totally and completely lost. LOL. Promoting an audiobook is almost the same as doing the same for an ebook or print book. Right? Not  so fast. Audiobooks aren't for everyone. On the other hand, in this fast-paced, crazy world we live in, the audiobook market is a growing one. What better way to reap the benefits of a good book? We can listen to the words while we perform other tasks.

Watch the video for a small sample of the audiobook.

For a longer sample, go to Soundcloud. Misled Audio Book Sample

My wonderful narrator is Sam Valor. I will post an interview with him, at a later date. He narrated all of Misled well within the deadline. Then, ACX.com took over and performed quality checks. I spent all of last week trying to figure out how to mix music and clips of the book for a trailer. It took my DAYS to figure it out. Now, I'm thinking of creating one or two more with different clips. I chose what I did because Outlaw meeting Meggie was a pivotal moment. My journey marches on. Today, I received codes to give out as promotion tools or for review copies. I signed up to the ACX Blog. Best of all, Misappropriate is well on the way of Audiobook Land.

Misled has its own 30-Day Free trial page, If you would like your FREE copy, click here --> FREE Misled Audiobook

Maybe, I'm not so lost, after all.

Love always,


Already a member of audible.com? Get your copy of Misled here!
Prefer to purchase on Amazon? Click: Misled Audio Book.

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