Thursday, May 31, 2018

Kendall's Crimes

It pains me to list the bad behavior of the woman everyone loves to hate, but Mama Kelly pointed out Kendall's crimes to me. Do you agree with the list? Can you list any redeeming qualities that
Kendall has?

Anti-heroine - a leading female in a book or movie who is a villain with redeemable qualities.
Villain - an evil character in a book or movie who plays an important role in the plot.

Which one is Kendall to you? Anti-heroine or villain?

1.) Repeatedly insulted Meggie.

2.) Made Meggie lose her baby.

3.) Nearly had Outlaw killed.

4.) Drugged Johnnie

5.) Wanted to punch CJ.

6.) Made Rory kneel in a corner.

7.) Tried to seduce Outlaw several times.

8.) Got Johnnie shot.

9.) Had an abortion because she was angry.

10.) Got Meggie kidnapped.

11.) Got Val and Christopher kidnapped.

12.) Tried to convince Bailey to divorce Mortician.

13.) Barred her kids from certain rooms in her house.

14.) Wouldn't allow her kids to have nicknames.

15.) Hated a child.

16.) Threatened to tell Meggie that she killed Traveler.

17.) Got Meggie strangled by Johnnie.

18.) Pretended her injuries were worse than the actually were.

19.) Aligned with Randolph.

20.) Withheld information about Spoon.

21.) Stowed away on an airplane.

22.) Punched Meggie in the stomach.

23.) Got into a fight with Zoann.

24.) Got Daphne killed.

25.) Didn't want Johnnie to drink beer.

26.) Got Johnnie to leave the club.

27.) Betrayed Ophelia

28.) In essence, betrayed the club.


  1. Hi Kat, to me she is a villain. She has no redeeming qualities and should be put to ground. If Johnny was to find out about the termination I think that would be be the last straw

  2. Definitely a villian. She will never put anyone before herself.

  3. I'm cracking up looking at this list. This shit is bad when it's separate but combined it's definitely the makings of a villain and not just an anti-heroine. I think Kendall is also to blame for Brooks getting shot, his son in law getting killed, and outlaw having to stay in jail. I don't think she has any redeeming qualities. I definitely hate her.


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