Sunday, July 29, 2018

Misled's New Cover

Dear Beautiful People,

There are two reasons why Misled has a redesigned cover. 1.) I am transitioning my name from Kathryn Kelly to Kathryn C. Kelly. FYI, the 'C' is for Christine. I promised my fellow writer and namesake that I would do so to better distinguish one Kat Kelly from the other. 2.) In December, it will be five years since Misled's original release. This is an anniversary cover, only a few months earlier. Why? Well, because I intend to release the first of the next generation's book, (CJ's), and I wouldn't want Outlaw to steal his son's thunder. You will start to see the new cover on the sales sites over the next week or two. The only addition to this edition are deleted scenes that didn't make the final cut when I first wrote the story. Over the coming months, the covers of the main books will be replaced to resemble this one. Hopefully, you like the new look as much as I do.

Outlaw is not just his name…

Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell lives life the only way he knows how. Hard. Loyal. Brutal. As president of the Death Dwellers he takes what he wants and gives only what is deserved, even meeting death head-on if it’s called for. He’s spent the last year holding the MC together after Big Joe Foy’s death. The last distraction he needs is a blue-eyed bombshell who is too sweet, too sexy, and too damn young. Worse, she brings out protective feelings Outlaw doesn’t like. It would be a crime to take her—but his name is Outlaw.

It’s his lifestyle.

Megan Foy needs help. After running away from her abusive stepfather, she goes searching for her dad, hoping he and his MC brothers will put a stop to the beatings she and her mother endure. What she finds is a hotter-than-hell man who sets her secret desires on fire, a man who calls to her inner bad-girl. A man who makes it clear he doesn’t want her around. But she isn’t backing down. She sees through his tough exterior. Outlaw might want her gone, but Megan wants him—and she’ll fight for what she wants.
A horrible secret could mean the end of the road for Outlaw and Megan. But Outlaw will turn hell inside out to keep what he thought he never wanted…

Misled is also available on audio!

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