Friday, December 27, 2013

An UNEDITED peek from Misunderstood, Johnnie's story!

“If you want a kiss, gorgeou...s, I’ll give you a kiss you won’t forget.”
Her breath caught. He knew she expected him to roam up instead of heading south. There were kisses and there were kisses. Some were the sweet, romantic kind with romance in the air and oh-so-gentle seduction involving two mouths, two sets of lips, two tongues. Others were hot, wicked kisses containing one set of lips attached to one mouth, one tongue, and a pair of slick pussy lips.
He ran his tongue along the creamy seam of her folds, pushing her legs wide open. He circled her bare outer lips before opening them and licking his way around the inner folds, circling her clit but never quite touching it. He speared his tongue into her pussy and she screamed.
“My God,” she groaned. “Who taught you to eat pussy like this?”
He didn’t answer her, instead enjoying his cunt feast. Removing his tongue from her hot body, he pushed the hood of her clit back, exposing the most sensitive part of her and gave her what she asked for, a kiss. He pressed kiss after kiss against her before lapping. She thrashed against him, tugging at his hair, her legs trembling through her orgasm.
Oh, he wasn’t halfway finished eating her pussy. She wanted a kiss, then a kiss she’d get. Her juices clung to his lips, his chin, his nose. She’d come all over the place.


  1. Holy Hell that's sizzlin!!!! Can't wait!!
    Will there be more Meggie and Outlaw too?

  2. Yes! Meggie and Outlaw play a big part in the story. BTW, there are scenes like this tidbit all throughout the book. ;-)

  3. Erm, why is the time showing as 7:55 when it's 9:55?

  4. LMAO. Even my 'Puter has a hangover.

  5. Wow I cannot wait when is this coming out?

  6. I just finished ur books.....OMG it was everything!!!!!!


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