Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ten Things About Kathryn

First, welcome to my blog! I will try to post once or twice a week, but let me tell you, Johnnie's kicking my fucking ass and Kendall is being a total bitch. I just need to slappa a bitch and get her the fuck in line. Now, that we have that tidbit out the way, let me introduce myself...

1.) I've watched only one episode of Sons of Anarchy in my life. Season 1, Episode 1. However, I still know what happened to Tara at the end of this season.

2.)I don't have the speech pattern of Christopher "Outlaw" Caldwell, but I do curse like a motherfucker. EVERY damn day. Like a close friend of mine says, it's a stress reliever. And, yes, I stole that line from her.

3.) I love leather--the feel of it, the smell of it, all of it.

4.) I cherish people in general. We're what make the world go around.

5.) I don't like phoniness. You have something to say, fucking say it. DO expect a response and depending on what you've said, you might not like what the fuck I have to say.

6.) I was so scared to release Misled. Christopher IS a lunatic and a psycho, but he's very close to my heart. I'm crushing on him in a big way.

7.) I think Madeline Sheehan is a fucking genius goddess. Total fan girl moment, here.

8.) I'm a scotch drinker. Chivas Regal. I'm also a beer drinker. Budweiser, Heineken and Bohemia. I love Patron Tequila. I drink...fuck, I'm just a drinker.

9.) I love speed.

10.) Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

11.) I'm an ID Addict

12.) Thanks to someone, who'll remain nameless, I'm an Olitz fan and a gladiator. If you don't watch Scandal, don't even fucking ask.

13.) I think Crystal Cuffley is a genius. Don't get on her bad side, though. She cracks a mean fucking whip if you get off schedule.

14.) I love the NO Saints, the LSU Tigers, and the Fightin' Irish of Notre Dame.

15.) Apparently, I can't fucking count because this is supposed to be TEN things about me and I'm already to number fifteen.

16.) Morbid tidbit: I mourn the loss of celebrities. When I hear about their lives, it's as if they are some long-distance friend. More importantly, though, I've experienced loss, personal loss, so I understand what their real friends and family members are going through.

17.) I'm a proud American and listen to God Bless the USA, the Star-Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, and the Marines' Hymn (by Unmarked Cars) just because...

18.) Men with accents fascinate me. Southern accents. British accents. French Accents...Mid...Fuck, like alcohol, I like men.

19.) I'm the ultimate biker babe. In my head.

20.) No, I'm not posting this. My besties are helping me because I'm either a.) writing, b.) drinking, c.) sexing it up, or d.) reading.

21.) Obviously, I failed math class.

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