Friday, March 20, 2015

All My Tomorrows coming April 1st

I'm happy to announce the upcoming release of All My Tomorrows, a contemporary erotic romance  from Ellora's Cave. It will be available April 1st. I will still release Incendiary and Misconduct as scheduled. I've flipped the dates. Incendiary will release April 21st and Misconduct in June. 
All My Tomorrows
Kathryn Kelly
Brittany isn’t the same girl she was four years ago. Haunted by memories of a violent attack, she hides from the world, hoping to go through life unnoticed. That is until Trey—her first crush and the only man she ever loved—reappears.
Trey had been around Brittany her whole life. Seven years her senior, he’d watched her grow into a gorgeous young woman. When she turned sixteen and suddenly started practicing her newfound feminine wiles on him, Trey realized he needed to back off. Four years later, when he runs into her again in a nightclub, Trey realizes they still share a special connection. Not to mention he can’t stop thinking about how badly he wants to make love to her.
Brittany wants Trey, but before they can have a future together, she’ll need to deal with the awful secret she’s carried with her from her past.
Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here! In addition, this story contains reference to a sexual attack in the heroine’s past, as well as a scene that contains a graphic, sexually motivated attack upon the heroine.
A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave



Without warning, a man slid onto the chair next to her and she recoiled away, losing her balance. She grabbed the table’s edge. Shadows created by the strobe lights popping against the wall were the only illumination in the isolated corner. Why had she chosen the gloomiest part of the club?  Anything could happen to her.
“It’s me, baby girl.”
Trey gripped her arm and steadied her, his drawl resonating through her, a balm to her heartache. He drank from the bottle he held in his other hand then set his beer on the table.
Trey had found her.
“Trey?” she whispered.
“In the flesh.”
The smile in his voice turned her disbelief at his close proximity into the startling reality he was with her. She’d avoided him after her assault then he’d moved away and she’d fallen into a deeper despair. She stood, launched herself into his arms and buried her face in the bridge between his neck and shoulder. He hugged her, his easy laughter rumbling through him and pulsating through her body. Safe and warm in his embrace, she held on to him, never wanted to let him go.
“Trey. Oh, Trey.”
Disentangling himself from her arms, he anchored her with his hands at her waist. For a moment, they remained silent, staring at each other. His touch burned through to her belly, tightening her womb. He pulled her close again and kissed her cheek. Close to her lips but still too far away.
Keeping one hand at her waist, he tasted his beer and closed his eyes. “Sit,” he directed, urging her toward her seat.
Once she complied, he looked at her again, his expression inscrutable.
“Why aren’t you out there dancing with your friends and casting your spell over every man who crosses your path?”
“I don’t do that,” she protested, loneliness echoing through her. She wanted normalcy, friends and fun, laughter and sunshine, not the all-consuming horror she battled. “I don’t like crowds anyway.”
His silence unnerved her. The shadows swallowed his expression.
Nervous, she shifted, grappling with the decisions she faced and the possible consequences. “I’m not a people person.”
“Bullshit. You were the captain of the cheerleading team in high school. Now try again.”
He slid his chair closer, and his scent, his cologne enveloped her.
“I’ve had a long week at school,” she mumbled, not a lie. She’d had a long two years at school. “And I’m tired. I want to go back to the dorm.”
She’d missed him so much and she’d loved him for so long.
Trey slid his finger across her cheek and another tremble hissed through her.
“Would you like me to drive you back to your dorm?”
His warm, roughened hands cupped her chin.
“Where’s your date?” she asked.
“Driving to her house, I would imagine.”
A surge of jealousy knocked away more of her hesitation. It wasn’t what he said as much as what he left off. Women fell all over Trey and he basked in their superficial attention. “Where you’ll be driving to in a moment, I suppose?”
“Tsk, tsk.”
A chuckle rumbled from him, the familiarity of it slamming through her. She swallowed. Trey was there. He’d always protected her. If anyone could heal the hurt inside her, he could.
“Do I detect a little green monster?”
She sniffed and his chuckle turned into full-blown laughter.
“Do you want a ride or not?”
“Let’s find your crew and tell ‘em you’re rolling with me,” Trey ordered, finishing his beer.
His hand at the small of her back, she threaded through the crowd. His touch heated her blood. When she found Irene dancing with some guy, Brittany beckoned her friend over.
“You don’t mind if I leave with him, do you?”
“I see you got his attention, after all. Good job, Brit! Go have fun with him. Pity you saw him first. I just hope you know what to do with him.”
Trey laughed. “I’m sure we’ll figure it out.”
“I’m sure you will.”
Irene’s saucy grin and conspiratorial wink sent heat rushing to Brittany’s cheeks, shyness stealing into her. A moment later, Trey ushered her out of the club.



  1. I can't wait to read this one. Girl when do you find the time. My TBR list is needing a ladder. Plus the two you just sent me now I can't wait for this one. You're killin' me sista.๐Ÿ˜„
    Love ya! Keep them coming I will always find the time may be in between deadlines but I got you.

    1. Love you, too! I'll keep them coming. I promise. <3 <3 <3


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