Monday, October 3, 2016

Chapter 6 - Misunderstood - Original



            Ellen Miller rubbed her chin against the thin strip of hair covering Kiera’s pussy. Her tongue darted out and licked Kiera’s sopping slit. Using her long, red-polished nails to hold her pussy lips open, Kiera lifted her hips, her clit Ellen’s special treat. Lifting herself up, she climbed onto Kiera’s body and kissed her in a long, open-mouthed kiss, grinding her own sated cunt against Kiera, who’d licked her for hours. They’d needed release after suffering through the New Year’s Eve party at the MC. They’d attended the celebration for years, but Outlaw had always been available to them. This year…this year
Ellen bit down on Kiera’s tender bottom lip and she moaned, liking Ellen’s roughness. Kiera wrapped her long legs around her back and Ellen groaned. Rising up, she positioned herself so that she and Kiera were clit-to-clit and began to pound their tender flesh together. She nailed their pussies, their moans and juices mingling together. Kiera’s head began to thrash from side-to-side, her body trembling with Ellen’s onslaught, her pussy gushing wetness. Ellen didn’t care. She hadn’t come yet and wouldn’t stop until she did, despite how sensitive she knew Kiera’s cunt would be.
Kiera deserved it, anyway. She deserved the tears beginning to slide from her eyes at the pain Ellen’s hammering was causing. She deserved the way Ellen paused to bite her nipple and draw blood. And she deserved how she pulled away from Kiera’s pussy and forced herself onto her mouth, grinding all her sloppy wetness against her face.
Because, whether Kiera knew it or not, Ellen was aware that Outlaw felt a little more tenderness for her than he did for Ellen. And she hated Kiera for it.
Squeezing her eyes shut, she imagined wrapping a scarf around Kiera’s pretty neck, yanking it tight, and pulling it until she stopped breathing. The thought made Ellen come hard. She kept her pussy covered over Kiera’s mouth and nose, milking her release, the fleeting idea to smother her with her pussy floating away when Kiera shoved her roughly away.
She sat up and swiped her hand across her mouth. “You bitch!” she snarled.
Next time, she’d tie the cunt up, cover her mouth with her pussy and pinch her nose until she suffocated. For now, she needed her. She wanted revenge against Megan Foy.
The thought of the girl marched through Ellen’s head and she scowled. Megan with her big, blue eyes and golden hair was a rival she couldn’t win against. The girl was young, gorgeous, and disgustingly sweet. Until provoked. Then, she turned into a flaming bitch, who’d had the gall to push Ellen on her ass, confront her during an argument and lobby Outlaw on Ellen’s behalf.
Worse, Ellen wanted to fuck Megan so badly. She hadn’t been so innocent in years and she’d never had someone as pure and guileless as Megan Foy in her life. Usually, Outlaw would’ve laughed at her suggestion and got the bitch into their bed. Now, if Ellen even suggested such a thing, she believed he’d choke the shit out of her.
To him, Megan was some untouchable little goddess.
Kiera’s movement brought Ellen back to the present and reminded her she needed to soothe the woman’s pique.
“I’m sorry, babe. I’m just on edge after the party.”
Kiera shrugged. “At least Outlaw let us in. I got to meet his momma and everything. Never thought I’d see that day.”
Bitter fury churned in Ellen’s belly. He’d never considered them good enough to bring home to momma. She considered herself as good as he was. And he was a cold-blooded killer. How dare he place himself above them?
“It isn’t us,” Kiera protested and Ellen frowned, realizing she’d spoken the last part aloud. “It’s his mother. He don’t want us tainting her.”
“He taints her,” she snapped.
“Ellen, come on, babe. Ease up. Outlaw love his momma. I don’t blame him from trying to protect her.”
She restrained herself from jumping on the beautiful, olive-skinned woman next to her. Her dark hair spread over the pillows and the anger at Ellen’s forceful oral sex had eased from her dark eyes. They’d been friends at one time. Real, true friends. But Ellen wanted Outlaw for herself and she wouldn’t allow anyone to stand in her way.
“And what about Megan?”
Kiera’s eyes clouded and her lower lip trembled. “She’s a real good girl. I can see why he fell for her,” she said quietly. “Meggie makes him think about shit that none of the rest of us can. When was the last time Outlaw barred somebody from the club then changed his mind? If it wasn’t for Meggie, you would’ve been barred until March.”
“You’re okay that that little cunt came and stole our man?” Ellen almost choked on those last words. Our man. It wasn’t that Outlaw had ever claimed he’d be faithful to them. Really, he’d told them if they didn’t fuck him together, they wouldn’t fuck him at all. But Ellen wanted it all. She wanted to be Outlaw’s property.
“She didn’t come and steal shit, Ellen,” Kiera pointed out. She placed an arm behind her head and her breasts jutted out, making Ellen’s mouth water. “Outlaw wasn’t ours in the first place.”
“He could’ve been.” Petulant, she leaned back and opened her legs, stroking her slit, her mind wandering. An idea came to her. “What about if we can get her out the picture?”
“You want Outlaw to bury us?”
We wouldn’t do it, you stupid bitch.”
Ellen thought of her little sister. She’d planted the seeds in Kendall’s head and now she waited for her goody-two-shoes sister to tell Kayla, their ticking bomb. Ellen would find a way to get Megan in Kayla’s company. But that plan had all kinds of flaws. Outlaw didn’t let the reckless little bitch out of his sight. And, worse, he might discover the twins’ connection to Ellen and then he would bury her. Bury all three of them. Kendall and Kayla deserved better than a gruesome death at Outlaw’s hands. Because he might not hurt women, but he wouldn’t give a damn when it came to Megan. Her pussy held that much power over him.
“C’mon, El. Let it alone. Meggie’s a good girl.”
“And you okay with him fucking her and throwing us aside?” She shot to a sitting position and narrowed her eyes. “Or have you been fucking him, anyway?”
“I’m not exactly happy that we not in his bed no more. But I care about him enough to want him happy and she make him happy.” Her face crumpled. “No, by the way. I haven’t been fucking him. When he left her in Long Beach, I offered just to see, and he turned me down.”
Ellen considered Kiera’s explanation and accepted it for what it was. “He don’t cover his dick with her.”
Kiera sucked in a breath. “How do you know--?”
“Because,” she began impatiently, “Megan told me. When we went shopping and stopped at the drugstore, she was looking at condoms. She told me he didn’t use none with her.”
Satisfaction surged through her at the hurt blossoming in Kiera’s eyes.
“He’s trying to get her pregnant?” she whispered.
“Yes,” she said with a definitive nod, although she wasn’t sure. That might have been a one-time thing just to feel his dick in Megan’s young pussy without nothing between them.
Kiera’s throat worked, then she nodded. “What do you have in mind?”
“Rack been wanting to know when they get back to town. He’s planning on doing some sick shit to her, but at least she’ll be out our way.”
“And you’re okay with that? Letting him put her on that rack thing he has?”
Okay with it? She’d love to watch. “Of course not, babe,” she soothed. “But I was talking about sexually. He’ll probably just strangle her afterwards.”
“And we’d have Outlaw back to ourselves?”
Ellen nodded, pleased that Kiera seemed clueless she’d meet the same fate, too.
“What we have to do?”
“Just call Rack. Let him know where Megan is. She’s been staying with Outlaw’s mother in the woman’s old house. She’s leaving in two days, so if we don’t act now, we’ll lose our chance.”
“His momma might get caught in the crossfire.”
“Nah,” Ellen assured her. “Rack promised he just wanted Megan and no one else would be hurt.”
Kiera studied her for a moment. “Okay. Do it.”
            Once Ellen made the call, she and Kiera sixty-nined each other before falling asleep in each other’s arms. A rude yank jerked her awake and she opened her eyes, blinking at the bright overhead lights, the taste of Kiera still in her mouth.
            Intense blue eyes stared at her and her heart banged in rapid beats. She startled at Kiera’s scream and turned her head just in time to see the woman dragged from bed by her hair.
            “Sn-snake?” Ellen choked out.
Joseph Foy II AKA Snake stared at her, his blond hair scraped back, his ponytail swinging as he leaned towards her. Beside her, one of Snake’s boys was shoving Kiera’s legs open and thrusting into her, slamming his fist against her jaw.
Snake reached out his hand and Ellen noted his battered face as she shrank away.
“What are you doing here?”
Trembles travelled along her spin as he shoved his pants down, freeing his thick erection. She covered her ears to drown out Kiera’s screams.
“I can’t take fucking hypocritical cunts like you, bitch,” Snake snarled, shoving her down and thrsting into her. He pressed his thick, muscled arm against her neck and Ellen struggled for air. With each slam into her body, he increased the pressure until her lungs began to burn and her vision blurred. My God! My God! The sick asshole was enjoying depriving her of air as he fucked her. He was—
The thought sobered her and she realized she’d been thinking about doing the same thing to Kiera. How had the roles been reversed? She stared up at him, struggling to hold onto consciousness, hoping her gaze conveyed the mercy she was requesting.
She felt him jerk inside her as spots danced at the edges of her vision. He shuddered and collapsed on top of her, relaxing the compression on her neck. He lifted himself on his elbows and glared at her.
Next to her, Kiera was sobbing and the man who’d so harshly used her was dragging her toward the door.
“Why are you here?” Ellen asked, the words hurting her throat. She blinked to subdue her tears and fear and anger. She felt so helpless. With Snake, she was helpless. He was evil, conscienceless, her worst nightmare.
He knuckled her mouth and stared at her a moment before slapping her across her cheek. She cried out.
“I’m here, you stupid bitch, because you called Rack and told him where Meggie was.”
“I-I was helping Rack,” she protested.
“No, you were fucking being a conniving cunt. You forget, Ellen, I know you.”
She shivered at his ominous tone. He did know her and he wasn’t a man who took kindly to betrayal. That’s why he hated Outlaw so much. “I didn’t connive against you,” she wheedled.
He slapped her again. “Not me. Megan. My sister.”
Ellen blinked, sure she’d misheard. Snake despised Meggie, too, for being in bed with Outlaw. He felt she was betraying their father by sleeping with Boss’s murderer.
“Oh, don’t worry. I’m going to let her watch her lover die before I put a bullet in her head, too. But you delivered the innocent little lamb right into Rack’s greedy hands.” He slid a long finger along her cheek. “Tsk. Tsk. Not to help him out but to get rid of your competition. Knowing you, Kiera would’ve been next.”
“Please. I’m sorry,” she sobbed. “I’m so sorry.” Then the rest of his words penetrated and she stared at him in horror. “Outlaw?” she asked on a strangled gasp. “You have Outlaw?”
A malicious gleam brightened his eyes and he nodded before groaning and sinking into her again. Her legs trembled.
“Be careful what you ask for,” he breathed against her ear and grunted. “Backstabbing has a way of catching up to you.”
And, she knew. She knew. In her quest to get Megan out of Outlaw’s life, she’d signed their death warrants, including her own.


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