Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Chapter 7 - Misunderstood - Original Storyline


            Kendall stared at nothing in particular, impatiently tapping her foot as she awaited Ellen’s arrival. Today, they were going to the spa and they’d plot out their plan to get to Megan Foy. But Ellen was up to her usual tricks, not arriving on time as promised. This wasn’t some family dinner they could hold up because Ellen was too involved with whatever to arrive on time and Kayla cried off, due to previous plans.
            They had set appointments and the spa she’d booked them at was very exclusive. If Ellen screwed up Kendall’s reputation with them, she’d never forgive her sister. As it was, she should be happy Kendall would even bring Ellen with her to the place instead denying even knowing her.
            But Ellen was down and she’d talked to her every evening since Christmas, listening to her sister’s heartache. Kendall admitted she worried about Ellen’s full disclosure in this matter. How could she have suddenly gone from being a club whore to nearly engaged to one of those bikers? Kendall believed something was amiss and there was more to the story that what Ellen related. Still, Kendall ached for Ellen. Her sister sounded emotionally involved with the biker man, so who knew what promises he’d made to her and then broke without second thought. Kendall wasn’t sure whether Kayla believed Ellen or not. She knew her twin wanted the girl the biker man had dumped Ellen for to pay.
Kayla was a sociopath like that.
Or a product of their upbringing. Maybe, it was one and the same. Kendall hadn’t ever been able to decide.
Now, it was two days in the new year and Kendall didn’t want it to start with an argument between them.
            Marie wobbled in and Kendall sighed. Her mother had been acting strangely for a month, since her last mercy kill with Kayla. Why should it bother her now when, in the last two years, they’d averaged one a month?
            Her mother sat on the sofa, her posture ramrod straight, her hands on her lap. Something heavy bulged from her jacket pocket, but the ringing of the doorbell prevented Kendall from asking any questions.
            Her irritation grew. Ellen had a key to the house, so she knew the impatient person ringing the doorbell wasn’t her sister.
            The rebuke died on her lips when she noticed two men standing there, wearing leather cuts, proclaiming them members of the Death Dwellers MC. Outlaw’s MC. Unlocking the door but keeping the screened door secured, Kendall noted their solemn expressions.
            “M-may I help you?”
            “We looking for Mrs. Marie Miller.” The speaker was short, muscular, and had a crew cut. His eyes were greenish-blue, his jaw strong.
            “I’m her daughter,” Kendall said.
            “She here?” the other one asked. He had a shock of white-blond hair and pale eyes that gave him a creepy look. He reminded her of death and she backed up a little.
            She nodded.
            The short one drew his brows together in a fierce scowl. “Can we see her?”
            “Is this about Ellen?”
            He drew in a deep breath and sighed. “Yeah.”
            Figured. That was the only reason anyone associated with this horrid MC would come to this house. She unlatched the screen door and allowed them entrance. “Follow me,” she ordered, marching down the short hallway to where her mother still sat, in her zombie-like state, in the living room.
            “We have visitors, Mama,” Kendall announced, struggling to hold onto her patience.
She couldn’t imagine what Ellen had done to send these men here. They were probably looking for money or something. Looking at them now, they seemed so innocuous. Weird, yes. The dangerous criminals Ellen painted them to be, no.
Marie narrowed her eyes at the men.
“What can we do for you?” Kendall bit out.
“I’m Traveler,” the short one said and pointed to the other man. “This Bin.”
Kendall responded by folding her arms and lifting her brow, showing them with actions rather than words she had no time for idiots like them. They were both staring at her breasts, revealed in the v-neck shirt she wore and meant to draw attention to her tits.
“Outlaw sent us here,” Traveler explained, and shifted his weight.  “Ellen been killed.”
The ground shifted beneath Kendall’s feet and her stomach lurched. Then she brushed off her shock and shook her head in denial. Ellen couldn’t be dead. She’d spoken to her two days ago. “That’s impossible. My sister is meeting me here for us to go to the spa.”
The two men exchanged glances and unease slid through Kendall at their sad expressions.
“Sorry, babe,” Traveler said with sympathy. “It’s true. Outlaw wouldn’t have had us search Ellen apartment to find somebody to call.”
Kendall stumbled back. “You’re lying,” she insisted. “Outlaw knew us. Ellen said she’d given him Mama’s address, so I know this is some cruel prank. Ellen is—“
“Dead,” Bin said flatly. “And Outlaw dealing with his own issues. Burying his Mama, for instance.”
“Wh-what? His mother is dead, too?” she asked in a strangled gasp.
“Killed by Snake. Just like Ellen,” Traveler explained.
“Outlaw’s old lady almost got killed, too,” Bin went on.
Kendall focused her wavering gaze on him. She’d never fainted in her life, but she was on the verge of fainting now. Her sister was dead? That couldn’t be. They were going to the salon. They had an appointment for massages, manicures, and pedicures. Ellen wasn’t dead. This was just insane. She drew herself up. “I have to call my sister. She’ll tell you—“ She swallowed. “She’ll tell me she’s just pranking me. I’ll get mad at her. Then, we’re going to the spa.”
Hands held up, Traveler stepped closer to her. “Babe, I’m sorry. That’s not going to happen. That’s never going to happen. Ellen’s dead.”
Kendall laughed, a little hysterical. “No. You don’t understand.” She marched up to him and jabbed a finger in his chest. “Ellen is not dead.” She hurried to the window and shoved open the curtains. “See? Outside? The sun is shining. My sister…the sun wouldn’t be shining if Ellen was dead. Something would be different. The world wouldn’t look the same.”
The two men exchanged uncomfortable glances, then Bin cleared his throat. “Don’t matter who dies. Sun still shines. Rain still falls. The world goes on.”
No! No! No! Not for her. Not for Ellen. They were each other’s world. Kendall, Kayla, Ellen, and Marie comprised the fucked up Miller world.
She yanked her phone out of her pocket and dialed Ellen’s number. It went to voicemail. “Ellen, call me.” Kendall’s voice wobbled. “Call me now!”
She gripped the phone, her entire body shaking, belatedly realizing she needed to disconnect. Both men pulled out two stacks of cash and held it out to her.
“Outlaw sent this. To take care of the funeral,” Traveler announced.
“Police might visit,” Bin said.
Kendall’s eyes snapped to his and the truth of Ellen’s death was beginning to sink in. Her sister was dead. Dead.
Her entire body shook. “The least Outlaw could’ve done was deliver the news himself.”
Traveler threw the money aside and his lips thinned. “Didn’t you hear what we said? His momma was popped. His old lady managed to save herself but couldn’t do nothing for Ellen.”
“His old lady?” Kendall echoed, the world spinning in slow motion.
“Yeah,” Bin said. He followed Traveler’s suit and threw the stacks of cash down. “Megan.”
Megan. She’d saved herself and left her sister to fend for herself and die. She’d already destroyed Ellen by stealing her man from her. She had to make sure Ellen was no longer a threat.
“If you need anything from us…” Traveler let his voice trail off and started for the door. “No need to see us out, babe.”
He and Bin left without another word. Kendall stood in shock, blinking through tears, dissecting all the two bikers had told her.
A click caught her attention and she remembered her mother. For the second time that day, her world tilted. Her mother had been so silent, not uttering a single word during the entire conversation with Traveler and Bin. As a matter of fact, they’d asked for Marie, then spoken to Kendall. Maybe, they’d seen what Kendall had failed to recognize. Her mother’s desperation and despair. Whatever they may have seen, Kendall was certain they hadn’t noticed the gun her mother now pressed to her temple.
“My Ellie’s dead?” she whispered.
Kendall remained frozen. As if she’d answer that while Marie held that weapon. “Put the gun down.”
“Ellie needs me.”
Kendall let out a sob, the pent up sound breaking free with a pitiful wail. “I need you, too.” Her voice trembled. “So does Kayla. We both do.”
Marie contemplated Kendall for a long moment, their gazes meeting, clashing.

The report of the gun filled the small room and Kendall screamed, bone, blood, and brain spraying her in gore.


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